Stay in Glasgow

Glasgow is a very dynamic and lively city. It’s Scotland’s largest and most populous city, and you’ll be able to see all the colors with its different styles of buildings and streets reminiscent of London, New York and sometimes even San Francisco. Following this article and the charm that emanates from this city, Glasgow may be your future travel destination.

Visit Glasgow for its historic past

Today, it is a very dynamic city, alive and which pleases many of you. But at the time, Glasgow was not as developed and did not know this tourist boom. It is the development of the Clyde River which crosses it, which allowed him such an economic “success” since it allowed the sailboats of the whole world to come to trade tobacco, cotton and sugar since the 18th century.

Then, in the nineteenth century, the city experienced the industrial revolution, it then developed its architecture through shipbuilding and heavy industry. It then became the second city of the British Empire.
Finally, during the Second World War, Glasgow suffered a lot of damage after the German bombing. Following the economic crises that it knew during this period, since the 80s, the city was then converted to culture and art. This reconversion could be underlined and encouraged after being elected, in 1990, European City of Culture, then in 1999, British City of Architecture and Design.

Today, Glasgow has become a Scottish tourist town, mixing different styles and cultures with its strong history. It is now a vibrant and vibrant city with thousands of things to discover.

Building styles that mix with Glasgow

Thanks to its history and the many evolutions that the city of Glasgow has experienced, architectures have also changed. Victorian, medieval and contemporary styles blend in the city and create all its charm. We find these three styles in particular in one of the streets, the “Waterloo Street”, with a merry mishmash of old and modern buildings. In addition, the contrast between cathedrals, universities and large concert halls is very present in the city.

There are not only three styles of buildings that intermingle through the streets, there are also three major cities (!): London, New York and San Francisco. Indeed, the two-story buses, the typical taxis but also the gâbles, the crows and the cornices present on the buildings of Victorian architecture give a London air. The streets with tall buildings of contemporary and modern style are reminiscent of New York and finally the sloping streets look like San Francisco. Several cities in one give Glasgow the stamp of a dynamic city but still peaceful, so without the stress of New York or London.

A (very) dynamic city with many things to do

Although Glasgow is a fairly quiet city, with many old architectures and many places to visit, it is also a very dynamic city that knows the shopping with friends and the party.

Shopping activities

Indeed, Glasgow is considered the second best city in the UK for shopping, just after London. The true commercial heart of the city is the “Style Mile” which is the set of three major pedestrian streets: Buchanan Street, Sauchiehall Street and Argyle Street, where you can find many luxury shops and also major British and international retailers. well known, as well as small designer shops …

In addition to being the perfect place for shopping, the “Style Mile” is a very dynamic place both day and night. It is decorated by illuminations and also animated by many musicians.

Museums to visit in Glasgow

For those who prefer more historic places and outings, Glasgow offers many museums and art galleries. There is the “The Hunterian Museum” which is the oldest museum in Scotland and exhibits collections from around the world, such as fossils, objects from Captain Cook … The Glasgow Cathedral and the St. Mungo are also two very beautiful and interesting historical places to see.


In addition to being a city full of history and beautiful buildings to discover, Glasgow is also a very good dynamic city in the evening and party. You will find many pubs, concert halls, clubs … and many events throughout the year.

Some mythical pubs are not to be missed during your stay in Glasgow: “Tennents Wellpark Brewery” is truly an institution. It’s one of the oldest pubs in Scotland, even offering a brewery tour to learn more about history. The restaurant bar “Brel” is also very famous for its conviviality. You will find all kinds of beers where you will be sure to find your own.

Beware, the ads fill very very quickly from 18h so do not delay too much. Moreover, it is difficult to find calm. The Scottish pubs are very friendly and noisy, so it is necessary to raise the tone to speak but it’s really something to do if you visit Glasgow.

Do not hesitate to share us in comment if you have already visited Scotland or Glasgow and if not, would that interest you? You can also find our article about Scotland and Edinburgh!

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