What mascara for short eyelashes ?

After seeing the best mascaras to have beautiful eyelashes, organic mascaras, techniques to not have a package and even how to make your own mascara completely natural home, now is the time to know, for you ladies, how to put his mascara when one has short eyelashes? Many of you have short eyelashes and it is complicated to apply mascara to have a nice look without having to put eyelashes on a daily basis. Here are the different techniques to have long eyelashes when you have short eyelashes and a selection of three mascaras that will lengthen them.

Some techniques for mascara on short eyelashes

Castor oil

Above all, it is possible to stimulate the growth of your eyelashes with castor oil. As explained in the article to make its own mascara, castor oil has many benefits on the eyebrows and also on the eyelashes: it will allow you to thicken them and especially to lengthen them, which is perfect for short eyelashes. Remember to apply daily, every night preferably so that it penetrates well during the night. After a few weeks of application, you will already see a difference on your eyelashes and your eyes will be more open. There are other oils, to know them, do not hesitate to take a look at our article “How to make your homemade mascara? “.

Eyelash curler

The eyelash curler is the key object before applying your mascara: it will curl the lashes and give a visual effect of lengthening. Using the eyelash curler, this will open your eyes even before putting on mascara. Curling eyelashes is a must-see step when you have short eyelashes, you’ll be sure to have a perfect base before putting on your mascara for a glamorous look.

It is also perfect for eyelashes that are stiff. You can find them in all cosmetics stores at different prices but usually between 4 and 10 €.

Fiber primer

There are many mascaras with two tips: one with black mascara normal and another that is the primer with fiber to lengthen your eyelashes. The primer with the fibers is to put before the mascara, once the first layer of fibers put, apply a first layer of mascara. For a larger effect, apply a second layer of fiber and then a second layer of mascara. Be careful not to put too many layers of fiber primer and mascara otherwise it will weigh down your lashes and not give the desired effect.

Makeup for short eyelashes


Finally, makeup plays a lot on the effect of your eyelashes. Whether short or long, too much makeup will directly weigh down your lashes and especially if they are short. A line of eyeliner can both make your eyes heavier, but it can also open it and give you a larger and thicker eyelashes effect. A fine line and with a nice comma at the end will allow you to have a look of doe, open and especially your eyelashes will not be hidden by a line of eyeliner too thick. For a more natural effect, you can use a pencil of the same color as your eyebrows, or just your eyebrow pencil. This will still enlarge your look but less pronounced since they will have the same color as your eyebrows.

In addition, choose an intense black mascara to accentuate your eyelashes and not to blend with your eye liner line. A waterproof or long-lasting mascara will also be perfect to hold the curve of your eyelashes and to have the same result as soon as you apply it until the end of the day.

Finally, to give more depth to your eyes, do not hesitate to make a kind of “contouring” of the eyelid by digging with an orange blush. You can use the powder you take to warm up your complexion or to do your usual face contouring, it will do the trick. Place the eye shadow in the hollow of the eyelid and blend it. This will accentuate the hollow of your eyelid, intensify your eyes and therefore bring out your eyelashes.

The selection of mascaras for short eyelashes

Regarding mascaras, there are several that will lengthen your lashes perfectly all day long. You can find in our article “best mascara: which to choose?” . But here are the three best ones that will sublimate your eyes and lengthen your eyelashes:

  • Telescopic Mascara / L’Oreal 14 € that will give you a false-eyelash effect by separating and lengthening your lashes with its silicone brush.
  • Better Than Sex / Too Faced or the inevitable mascara for beautiful eyelashes. Thanks to him you will gain in volume but especially in length. It has the power to lengthen your eyelashes in a few brush strokes and for only 25 €.
  • Diorshox Maximizer 3D / Dior that promises to lengthen your lashes even if they are short. A fiber-based mascara primer that will lengthen your lashes in a few strokes of brushes. You can find it for about 33 €.

The application of mascara

This is a very important thing when you put mascara even if our eyelashes are not necessarily short. But when they are, it’s really a step to focus on and to pay attention to. To have a false eyelash effect, a doe look and be irresistible just thanks to your eyelashes: start from the root of your lashes going to the tips while zigzagging with your brush.

This technique will allow to separate your eyelashes and especially to lengthen them. By going from the root to the tips, all your eyelashes will be covered with mascara and therefore intensified, which will create a false eyelash effect. Take the time to do this step well. The difference will be remarkable!
Some other tips for your short eyelashes

Hair removal (!)

This may be shocking, but shaved eyelashes will give you a more open look and therefore a longer impression of eyelashes. We all know that the trend of lashes a little rich and bushy is very present at this time for some time now. But when you have short and stiff eyelashes, avoid this tendency.

On the other side of the eyebrows: thick and thick eyebrows will flatten your eyes and will be the center of interest of your face. While beautifully shaved eyebrows will allow your eyelashes to appear longer and bulkier while sculpting your face. Try this technique and you will immediately see the difference.

Food supplements for short eyelashes

Just like castor oil, there are hair food supplements that will allow the growth of your hair, but they are also beneficial for the growth of your eyelashes. There are many nutritional supplements that promote the growth of your hair, your nails and your eyelashes: ultra yeast, Forcapil, Oenobiol … that you will find in pharmacy or drugstore. These few complements are satisfactory on some people and others not. These supplements are not harmful to your body of course, but be careful not to abuse and take the amount indicated.
Well, dear Fuzzy, we hope that this article on the application of mascara on short eyelashes will help you and show you that there are options before eyelash extensions!

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