Top of sleeping applications

You feel that your nights are sometimes complicated, that you do not always sleep very well and you want to study this in depth? Technology has already developed applications that allow you to see the reasons for your potential sleep problems and get a closer look at what your nights look like. We have some advices for a better sleep in a previous article if you want.
Here is our selection of 5 free apps to download on your smartphone to see how your nights are.

N ° 1: SleepBot

This free application available for Android and iPhone allows you to analyze the quality of sleep according to the sounds made during the night. Thanks to these sound recordings you will be able to observe your sleep time, when you are awake or asleep …

Following these statistics and the results, you can calculate your lack of sleep and you will find some tips to strengthen your nights: what to drink? what to eat ? some relaxation exercises …
In order for you to analyze your sleep, you will only need to press a button on the app before you fall asleep and when you wake up. The application takes care of everything during your night and even offers you a smart alarm that will help you wake up gradually 30 minutes before your scheduled alarm clock.

N ° 2: Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is an application that also analyzes the sounds you emit during your nights so that it can determine an alarm time that suits you and is almost perfect for you. You do not have to sleep with your phone under the pillow so that your potential hum is recorded.

The app will, moreover, be able to detect if you make movements during the night to determine if you are in a light or deep sleep.
It is available for free on Android and iPhone. On the other hand, some functionalities are paying as the unlimited history, the safeguarding of the data on line or the enrichment of the information of sleep: the influences of your physical activity, the weather, the lunar cycles …

N ° 3: MyNoise

This application is for you if you have trouble sleeping or falling asleep, if you have small attacks of anxiety or if you have trouble concentrating. It’s a research and development engineer, Stéphane Pigeon, who set up this platform so that you can have better nights. You will find multitudes of sounds from all over the world that will allow you to relax at night and also during your working days.

Ten different categories are available on the app so you can find the sounds that suit you the most: sounds of rain, cat purring, crackling fire, sound of waves, squeaks, runoff a stream or footsteps in the snow. It’s up to you to choose which one or you relax the most and allow you to fall asleep peacefully.

This application is free and available on Mac or Windows but also on Android and iPhone. However, if you want to customize sounds, they are paid.

N ° 4: iRonfle

For those who snore or have their half snoring, this application is for you since it really focuses on snoring as its name suggests. Indeed, snoring is not something to take lightly since, in very serious cases, it can translate sleep apnea.

This app will measure the intensity of your snoring, the duration and also the frequency with which you snore during your nights. You will simply need to mention the time you go to bed and the time you wake up. Following this, depending on your snoring types, the iReflite app suggests different solutions for your problem and so you can have better nights. It is also possible to compare his nights over several days or weeks, which will allow you to see if the proposed solutions are effective or not.
The application is free and available on Android and iPhone.

N ° 5: “Bruits de pluie ” =Rain sounds

Finally, this latest application also offers relaxing sounds, such as the MyNoise app, but which are based mainly on the sounds of rain. You will find various variations of rain sounds such as: rain on a window, light rain, the sound of a storm …

In addition, you can add some instrumental moods to your rain sounds. These different sounds will help soothe you and help you free your mind before or during your sleep. Great fans of the sound of rainy days, this application is for you!

The application “Rain sounds” is available on Android and iPhone for free.

And you my fuzzy, tell us in the comments if you use sleep apps and if so which ones?

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