Organic mascara : the composition and our selection !

More and more of you are interested in organic makeup and pay attention to the composition of the products they buy. For many, the organic certified makeup wrongly means a make-up and specifically for this article, a mascara of less good quality. Let’s see how organic mascaras are just as effective as others and we’ll give you a selection of organic mascaras.

The history and composition of mascaras:

Basic, mascara was created based on antimony powder, which is black rock with bluish tints. This powder was used primarily to cure diseases and infections of the eyes. It is about 1880, that a chemist, Eugène Rimmel, decides to develop this cosmetic from oil and petrolatum. With the years the mascara evolved and it is in 1917 that the modern mascara was created with coal and petrolatum.

Unlike mascaras from supermarkets, in addition to being certified organic and natural, organic mascaras are not tested on animals and are therefore certified “cruelty free”. The ingredients of the composition of organic mascaras are 98% of natural origin and the remaining 2% are from organic farming. Natural ingredients have many benefits other than the aesthetic aspect, such as the protection and nutrition of your eyelashes.

Today, more and more cosmetics are certified organic or are made from natural products. This evolution of organic and natural cosmetics is due to a growing demand for this kind of cosmetics to have a better skin with natural products and therefore safe for the body.

Many people, not using organic cosmetics, are convinced that they are less effective than products found in supermarkets and especially much more expensive. But in addition to having a perfect composition to do no harm to your skin, organic or natural cosmetics are just as effective as the products of supermarkets and do not cost more. It is sure that the plants, oils … used to create these mascaras have a high value. But as we have seen in our top of the best mascaras on the market, the prices vary between 4 and 36 €, while the organic mascaras vary between 7 and 24 €, so between a mascara not even necessarily high-end chemicals and an organic mascara for you to choose!

Here is a small selection of organic mascaras that will demonstrate their effectiveness.

The “Audacieux” mascara by So-bio Etic:

A 3-in-1 mascara that will curl, lengthen and give volume to your eyelashes thanks to its curved brush. Inside, there is a lot of organic castor oil, which will strengthen your eyelashes while making them black intense.
To avoid packets and it flows during the day, do not hesitate to wipe the brush on a handkerchief before using it and do not spend too many layers once the first laid. Bet on two layers maximum.

Its composition is perfect since 99% of the total ingredients are of natural origin of which 20% of the ingredients are from organic farming.
This is one of the only mascaras you find in supermarkets and it is priced at € 12.49.

Avril certified organic mascara:

A very good organic mascara that satisfies more than one. It is a long-lasting mascara that promises you intense black lashes, with lots of volume and length. Its very well-supplied hairbrush allows you to catch all your eyelashes and intensify them in one go.
In addition, it is composed of natural ingredients but especially ingredients that will protect and nourish your eyelashes such as: the island of marula seed, sunflower seed, jojoba and raspberry water.
Unlike other organic certified mascaras, this one is really very long lasting and does not leave you little black residues during the day.
This mascara is not found in supermarkets, but you can order it on the official website of Avril or on for 7 €.

Dr. Hauschka’s Bio Volume Mascara:

A mascara based on medicinal plants such as the tea tree, the eyebright or the neem leaf that will avoid irritating the eye contour. In addition, the rose wax and jojoba oil found inside will allow your eyelashes to strengthen and protect themselves.
This mascara will give you a lot of volume but not necessarily length. It is therefore ideal for fine eyelashes. Its thick brush will cover all your eyelashes with ease and throughout the day. It is therefore a long-lasting and special volume mascara that will not disappoint you. On the other hand, this mascara can sometimes have a hard time resisting moisture but it still remains very effective.
To please everyone, there are three different colors: black, brown or blue.
With all the good ingredients and especially with the medicinal plants that are inside, this mascara is about 24 €. You can find it also on the Internet, on the site

Mosqueta’s Musk Rose Oil Mascara:

Another certified organic mascara with natural ingredients that will satisfy more than one. If you are looking for a natural effect without having too much volume but a very nice length for false eyelashes, this mascara from Mosqueta’s is for you. However if you want a little more volume, do not hesitate to apply several layers and the desired result will be there.

This mascara will also favor the quality and health of your eyelashes thanks to the organic beeswax, the organic rosehip oil of Chilli bio, the organic sweet almond oil and the organic shea butter that s ‘find inside. It is very easy to use thanks to its brush that is thick enough but not too much, which will allow you to catch all your eyelashes without putting it all over your eyelid. It is a very good level mascara quality / price since it also has very good ingredients that repair and strengthen your eyelashes. It is priced at € 14.40 on

Deep Darkness of Lavera:

Finally, the last mascara is the only one that has a pimple brush, which allows to separate the lashes and bring length. As the name suggests, this mascara will leave you the eyelashes of intense black despite its effect that remains very natural. If you want to increase the volume, you can pass several layers even if it will not make you lashes extraordinarily large if they are rather basic. On the other hand, the doe eyes look is present and will intensify your look.
In addition, it is a mascara that has a very good performance and will not make any package from its first application.
It contains many natural essential oils but it will not necessarily allow to repair or protect your eyelashes. But your eyelashes will still prefer this kind of products rather than those found in the mascaras of large areas and chemicals.
This mascara certified organic and based on natural products costs 6.99 € on the site

And you, dear Fuzzy, have you ever used organic mascara or are you using one now? If so, do not hesitate to share the name and also your opinions on the different organic mascaras!

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