The first vegan fashion week

The first vegan fashion week will take place on February 1st in Los Angeles. This is another breakthrough for the vegan movement, which has grown considerably in recent years. Having become a true lifestyle, veganism is an awareness of the suffering of the industrial exploitation of animals.

What is vegan?

Being a vegan is a way of life that removes all consumption of animal products whether in the diet (chicken, cow’s milk, butter and even honey) and sometimes also in clothing (no leather, no fur or same wool).

Do not confuse people who adopt a vegan lifestyle and vegetarians who just do not eat meat and fish but consume food of animal origin (eggs, milk, honey etc.).

The word vegan was born in the United Kingdom, it was invented by Donald Watson in 1944 from the English word vegetarian who is vegetarian in French, which is according to him: “the logical extension of vegetarianism”. Veganism is a philosophy of life that excludes animal exploitation by encouraging the development of the environment and the abandonment of animal abuse.

In addition, reducing the consumption of meat is also a factor of considerable prevention on health, to preserve a very large number of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases. Without forgetting to preserve the environment of the industrial breeding which pollutes our planet.

The extension to vegan fashion

Veganism goes through a change of habits towards animals, in the diet, the way of seeing the outside world, and even in a sartorial way.

Many celebrities opt for a vegan lifestyle, such as the singer P! NK or the famous actress Nathalie Portmann who adopted since the age of 9 by personal choice a way of life said vegetarian banishing all meats, and in 2009 a completely vegan way of life that can not wear any clothing from animals such as boots made of synthetic leather or even faux fur jackets.

Major brands such as Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo, Doc Martens or even Gucci have stopped all production and marketing of fur and leather.

The Vegan Fashion Week Week

The February 1st, 2019, the first Vegan Fashion Week will be held at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, during which selected brands will present their vegan creations. Emmanuelle Rienda is a French resident in California and a great fashion animal rights activist who heads the creative agency Le French Lab.

The launch party will begin with a speech on the ecology of Robert Lempert, a global warming specialist and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. It will be followed throughout 2019 in cities around the world. other Vegan Fashion Week with the participation of several brands such as Arsayo. The list of participating brands is not yet official but will be announced in a short time, so stay tuned to the Fuzzy!

It is a highly anticipated event for vegan people and it is a great idea for the environment and fashion. And what do you think of vegan fashion?

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  1. Mindless says:

    LOVE this! You’re a wordsmith wizard and we happen to be looking for writers to join us at Mindless Mag!

    You don’t need to be familiar with conscious fashion or a ‘professional’ writer to get involved – so check out our Feb topics and send us your scribbles!


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