Garlic as superfood

Already in Ancient Rome, it served as an antipoison! Since its benefits have always been so successful. Indeed many small foods that we did not think contain a lot of benefits for our health. Garlic is really a superfood condiment because in addition to enhancing the flavor of a dish, it has a strong therapeutic potential, so it is “super” beneficial to your body. After this article, you will be sure to eat a lot more often.

What does garlic contain?

First of all, know that garlic contains a lot of benefits that are very good for health and that will protect you from certain diseases and will get you in shape.
It is an excellent source of trace elements, vitamins and minerals, including iron, calcium and selenium, which will help boost your body and keep it healthy when you consume regularly and in good quantity .

Its strong smell comes from sulfur compounds, which have become allicin, which form especially when garlic is cut, they are the ones that are preventive and protective vis-à-vis cancers.

In addition, its anti-oxidant effects come from the fact that garlic contains provitamins A and antioxidant vitamin E.
Now that you all know what garlic contains, see what are its active ingredients and properties for our body and our body, and it has more than you believe.

Raw or cooked? Conservation? Frequency of consumption?

Like many foods, the active ingredients of garlic can lose or in any case diminish their properties when cooked, so it is better to eat fresh raw garlic or put it as late as possible during cooking of your dish.

Depending on the variety, fresh garlic can be stored between three and nine months dry at room temperature. Beware of the cold and humidity that initiate the germination process.

With two cloves of fresh garlic a day (so about 6 g of garlic) you’re on top, even if you have to remember that one food alone can not be optimal in the protection against cancer by example. Favor a rich and varied consumption of several superfoods as well as a good healthy lifestyle in general.

You can also take up to 1g of dried garlic per day, 6mg of garlic oil, 3ml of garlic tincture 3 times a day …

And of course, no excess is good! So excessive consumption does not improve the virtuous abilities of garlic, on the contrary, it is still a powerful food that could give you heartburn.

Garlic, a superfood, for beautiful skin, beautiful hair and beautiful nails

Contrary to what we can believe and despite its strong smell, garlic is a perfect ally to fight acne, have beautiful hair and beautiful nails. As you may know, a grandmother’s recipe says that putting a clove of garlic on your pimples can really work wonders because it has many antibacterial molecules that help prevent inflammation of the skin. skin. However, be careful because it can sting a bit when you apply it.
For your hair, garlic is rich in allicin that forms when you crush a clove of garlic. It is this allicin that will fight against dandruff and hair loss.
Finally, if your nails lack of shine and are damaged, do not hesitate to rub a clove of garlic on your nails. This will help strengthen them and thus help them grow faster and healthier.

Garlic, an anti cancer

It seems that garlic is a superfood because it is a miracle for you to cure cancer risks. Indeed, as a cancer, according to several studies, a large regular consumption of garlic (about 6 cloves of garlic a week) would reduce the risk of colon cancer by 30% and the risk of cancer by 50%. stomach cancer. Garlic can stop cancer because it inhibits the development of carcinogens. Of course garlic alone can not completely cure you of cancer, it is mandatory to consume several foods that also have a preventive potential. Regular consumption of garlic can also prevent future cancer of the throat, breast, colon, stomach, ovaries or prostate. It helps the body fight against future cancer cells as it increases the fighting rate of the immune system.

Garlic to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

High consumption of garlic can also reduce risk factors for cardiovascular diseases such as cholesterol, blood glucose or blood pressure. It promotes and increases the fluidity of the blood which is ideal to prevent blood clots in the arteries and veins. Thanks to the many vitamins, minerals and trace elements, it helps fight against the “bad cholesterol” which are factors of cardiovascular diseases.

Garlic, an antioxidant

One of the beneficial active ingredients of garlic are the various antioxidant compounds that it can contain. Indeed, antioxidants protect cells in the body that are damaged by free radicals. It is these free radicals that cause the development of cardiovascular diseases, some cancers and some diseases related to aging. The sulfur compounds in garlic contribute to its antioxidant activity when consumed in large quantities whether raw or cooked, although other vegetables have even greater effects as an antioxidant.

In any case garlic, superfood, works very well to reduce / cure colds, studies have well put forward its effects.

Garlic, for better digestion

Finally, the consumption of garlic is perfect and beneficial for better digestion. Garlic is rich in phenolic acids and inulin which helps cleanse and purify the digestive system and also treat your bowel when it is irritated. It will therefore help restore your intestinal flora. If you have some intestinal problems or digestion, do not hesitate to add more garlic in your menus to fight against these small diseases.

That’s dear Fuzzy, we hope that this article on the benefits of garlic will motivate you to put more garlic in your meals. No matter the smell of garlic, health is the most important thing and it’s never too late to take care of your body with good garlic. (And if the smell bothers you, use garlic in capsule or standardized extract 😉 )

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