Sex Education, the new Netflix serie

Sex Education, the new drama of Netflix is ​​available for a few days on the famous platform and we talk a lot. Critics are overall very positive, but the original series Sex Education is really worth watching? Spoiler: Yes! And we explain why.

What is Sex Education about?

Sex Education takes place somewhere in Britain and basically talks about sex in high school. We discover the adventures of Otis, a 16-year-old shy and reserved. Otis, whose role is carried by Asa Butterfield, is very complexed by her sexuality, having never slept with anyone, for example. However, he begins to solve the small sexual problems of other students and will be much more talented to give advice than to follow.

Indeed, if Otis awakens a certain talent as a therapist, he has a lot of trouble managing his own love relationships and his relationship to his own body, because of traumas related to his childhood and sometimes simply because of lack of self-confidence.

In a way, Otis follows in the footsteps of his mother, Jean, a renowned psychiatrist … Sorry, a sex therapist and a couple therapist, if you do not mind. It is beautifully interpreted by a Gillian Anderson really very funny and deliciously intrusive in the life of his son.

Why look at Sex Education, the new Netflix serie?

First, because Otis and Jean Milburn are not the only interesting characters in Sex Education. We could mention Eric, the best friend of Otis gay, hard-hitting and always in a good mood; or Maeve, a young woman as intelligent as rebellious; or Adam, a brute with a sensitive heart. These three characters are well written and have in common to be rejected by other students, for different reasons.

Besides, characters and casting are among the greatest strengths of Sex Education. The characters, which may seem a little light at first sight, reveal themselves deep, endearing and complex over the episodes. In addition, the series is full of colorful characters, all more delirious than each other.

Intrigues, sub-intrigues and other romances follow each other intelligently. The narrative is fluid and the story is both funny and interesting, even moving sometimes. But the main argument to look at Sex Education is probably the topics addressed by the series.

We talk about racism, harassment, difficulties between parents and children, and a whole lot of other things … But basically, all these themes come together to give us a clear and strong message: we can be very different and yet suffer the same problems. It is a message of tolerance, an invitation to try to put oneself in the place of the other, to understand it, which is carried to us by the progressive vision of this series.

As the name suggests, the series also speaks a lot of sex. The series starts strong, we get to the heart of the subject from the first minutes of the first episode and we never really stop. Where could expect an eighth series for teens who overexploit a little topic, sex education falls neither in ease, nor in vulgarity.

In Sex Education, a new series on Netflix, we worry as much about the pleasure of the woman as that of the man, we are interested in what she wants, her desires. We invite her to wonder what makes her happy and how to get it, we even dare to break the taboo of female masturbation. An example of the progressive vision is therefore also the assumed feminism of the series.

The series does not hesitate to show, without exhibiting, and to speak credibly, without being gritty. The series takes the gamble of not spreading an idealized vision sex. On the contrary, it seeks to normalize them. In Sex Education, we can not find any perfect buttocks scene that could be found in an erotic film, Farewell porn movie clichés so far from reality! On the contrary, it gives pride to the grimaces and sounds of odd orgasms, as well as the little emotional worries at the origin of sexual failures, it is even the object of the series! In fact, sex is approached in a funny and light, realistic but with a touch of absurd, as always in Sex Education.

Because the series is funny, far-fetched and filled with British humor which sublimates the moments of compassion and tenderness towards the characters and their adventures.

The only downside to this series, if you really want to quibble, is the presence of some clichés and the side a little predictable of certain events that are in fact there for reasons script or comedy. This is not disturbing, however, and Sex Education is all the more funny and empathic.

Netflix offers us here a series of a very high quality, and it would not really bother us to have to perfect a bit more our education with a season 2. Because really … it is orgasmic! It would not be surprising that a second season of Sex Education is emerging given the enthusiasm of both critics and Netflix subscribers.

What to watch after Sex Education, the new series of Netflix?

While waiting to know if this series will be renewed for a season 2, which will probably not happen until next year, you can still look at Sick Note. A comic British series in which the situations always more funny and absurd chaining and stack for two seasons, available on Netflix since November 24.

And why not take a look at Grace and Frankie, whose season 5 came out on January 18 on Netflix? This series tells the story of two women whose husbands divorced … Because they are in love with each other. We do not say more about this other good comic series that we advise you with your eyes closed.

2019 will be, hopefully, a good year for the series! On our side, we are particularly awaiting season 3 of Santa Clarita Diet.

And here is the trailer of Sex Education 😉

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