Well-being at work and the PUMA exemple

At work, it is important for employees and employers to feel good about being personally happy and that it naturally and positively reflects on the company. Good conditions and being comfortable in one’s work space will help you flourish and be more productive during your work time and away from work. Depending on the cultures and the different countries, companies do not offer their employees the same means to boost their well-being at work. Let’s look at some ideas in the world and more specifically the example of PUMA France.

The well-being of employees in American companies

In the United States, Americans often start their day at the office around 7:30 am and finish around 4pm, while in France the hours are rather 9am – 7pm. This difference is due to the fact that the Americans make a very short lunch break unlike the French who favor a longer lunch break! In the United States, the idea is to return home sooner. Americans have more time after work to be with their children, go for walks and other activities! In France, it’s a little routine “metro, work, sleep” … even if with a good morning routine, time dedicated to personal well being can be found before going to work.

The well-being of employees in Dutch companies

The Dutch are the happiest Europeans at work. They are the most productive and they are also the ones being healthier. They work an average of 30 hours a week, which gives them time to develop their well-being at work and out. The Dutch say they feel safe at work and are much more fulfilled than in other countries where working conditions are difficult. As in China or Bangladesh where people often work without breaks and are paid a pittance. Well-being at work is a pillar of the professional world in the Netherlands because they have perfectly understood that employees must be well in their skins to be in better shape at work.

The well-being of employees in French companies

France is known to be one of the countries where we work a lot without really having well-being at work, where this aspect of the human is not sufficiently taken into account … This major problem is the cause of many burns -out, depression, even suicides, that’s why French companies have decided to change
their ways of doing things and to guarantee a better well-being at work for their employees.

-Managers of well-being

More and more companies in France have happiness officers who aim to harmonize the atmosphere in the company. These managers have the mission to listen to the problems raised by employees (too many hours, not enough or not at all breaks, conflicts …) and find solutions to solve them! To create well-being at work, one must first know where the problem comes from to find a solution. Their method is, among other things, to hold a meeting within the company and let the employees express themselves and then discuss a possible reorganization of the working conditions because the well-being of the employees at work should not go to the second. plan ! This is a real reflection that gives rise to tailor-made actions to improve the development of each and thus an improved overall corporate life.

-The spaces of relaxation

More and more companies are taking the time to set up rest areas for their employees to facilitate their well-being at work. Gym, terrace, Zen room with hammock, massage seats … everything is done so that you want to go to your place of work! These spaces make employees more efficient at work, happier, less absent and simply more fulfilled! Work must be give and take: employees provide work and must receive back.

-The domestic animals

“Pets at work” is an idea imported straight from the United States that allows employees to come and work with their pets. This idea has two good reasons to be accepted: it allows your dog, cat, etc. not to be alone at home during the day and in addition, it is scientifically proven that animals can fight against stress. So if you have animals and your company allows them, do not hesitate to take them with you!

The example of well-being at work of PUMA France

We interviewed Helene Wendling, Director of Human Resources at Puma France, based near Strasbourg.

She explains that well-being at work at Puma is an art of living that is concretized by individual and / or collective actions but also by a real reflection around this theme.

Structurally we find a chief happiness officer who works on the welfare of each, makes an annual action plan and supervises the implementation …
But before that, everything follows from a multi-year corporate project carried by the management committee, one of whose pillars is wellbeing, so happiness is part of the strategic project of the entire company.

This wellbeing project aims to create a work environment conducive to well-being at the service of individual and collective performance.

3 main axes are developed:


On site, Puma France has a gym with cloakroom and showers and equipment available (dumbbells, treadmills, elliptical trainer, weight bench …) for employees to practice free access, individually or there are several.

There is also an auditorium where yoga classes, pilates, HIIT, and even a “city stadium” (aka mini stadium) are held!

Outside the company, introductions to golf are possible and Puma France funds participation in certain running races.

Reflections are being carried out to extend to employees who are not at the head office some sports well-being actions such as the installation of shower or the eventual care of a sporting practice …


On the site of the company, there is a table football, a ping pong table, games are created between noon and 2.

A television at the reception puts forward such or such collaborator for his birthday.

Puma France sends attention signs (bouquet, goodies, word, champagne …) for the key moments of the life of its collaborators: birth, death, birthday …

Externally, afterworks are organized in the bars by coupling this outing with a sports event or theme (like the famous Strasbourg Christmas market)

The collaborators meet for the International Tennis and of course there are moments of celebration and thanks as this year the grand dinner of the 70 years of the group (photo at the head of the article).

Puma France tries to organize the most important events when a maximum of collaborators from all the French territory is there, so that the greatest number can benefit from these festivities which give even more cohesion.

Accessible to all employees in France, there are also contests, where it is possible to win places for an OM match for example.
All these actions are created internally by the chief happiness officer, for example for 2019 it is a question of taking again the activities seen above, to develop them and to organize moments conviviality around the world championship of handball in January, world championship of basketball later …

Some actions are also at the initiative of the services (like organizing a disguised day), which is in itself a success.

Whether with a breakfast, a picnic, a barbecue, an afterwork, watch match together … Everything is good for the spirit of cohesion and fulfillment at work.


Well being in well being at work is what? It’s already nutrition advice, massages, reflexology.

It is also the flexibility of hours of work in a time slot, the possibility of telecommuting to meet a need for concentration (to change the open space) or also for personal reasons because the dog collaborator has been operated .

All this shows listening to increased listening in an active pursuit of fulfillment.

When a person is hired, there is an integration course with a welcome pack, meeting different departments and especially the dialogue on work, training, recognition, career development …

As Helen Wendling, RDH of Puma France says during the interview “If we stop at the foam of well-being just by putting massages, fruit baskets and a babyfoot, we do not touch so much to the good to be real, it takes a real reflection on the well being of the collaborators “.

Reflection comes actions, which make sense. Wellbeing is not a gadget, it is a powerful tool to develop continuously, at all levels of the company, so that everyone feels concerned.

From there comes a real reflection of Puma France on the fundamentals. The business plan and its pillar Wellbeing, Hélène is the godmother, well-being then becomes a “thread” for groups of reflection.

There is brainstorming about:

– the professional life of the collaborator: what recognition in the work? What remuneration? Which missions? What projection in the company?

– the quality of internal service: how to be the best possible colleagues?
– the quality of external service: how to be the best possible suppliers?
– innovations: how to integrate them in everyday life?

Hélène Wendling approaches the Maslow pyramid to take up a global idea of ​​building well-being. It is a real business project and not just a local team, a project that fits every moment in the concrete because from there arise the implementation of concrete actions and changes.

As with the “Puma Management Academy” created in 2017 and which expands each year, it is for managers training with tools and techniques, to stimulate reflection through various modules to further develop skills and better support the teams.

Puma France is therefore a very good example of a well-being at work strategy, considering it as a way of life to develop.

We hope you enjoy your article on well-being at work and inspire you to improve your working conditions and those of your colleagues, employees…!

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