How to make an homemade mascara ?

The mascaras at the time were made with natural ingredients (oil, coal …) but since the evolution of cosmetics, many chemical ingredients have been added which is not the healthiest evolution desired . Today, more and more makeup brands offer mascaras that are made with natural and / or organic products, which is better for you and for the planet.
In this article, you will find recipes to make your mascara yourself and with ease but we will also talk about the benefits of the products used to create your homemade mascara.

Some recipes for homemade mascara

There are different recipes for creating your own mascara with natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, aloe vera, honey, charcoal or cocoa for color … Each product has its specific effect that will allow your mascara to be effective and hold throughout the day despite being made with natural products. You should know that an organic mascara and homemade remains between 3 to 6 months depending on the products used but also depending on the temperature changes it may suffer. In any case, if you smell a strange or very strong smell in your mascara, discard it and redo it!

Recipe # 1 for homemade mascara: Coconut Cocoa

First heat coconut oil with aloe vera gel and beeswax until it melts and then add activated charcoal to get a black mascara or cocoa powder for a brown color. Finally you transfer all this mixture into a tube of empty mascara.

For this recipe, you have to pay attention to the coconut oil because if it is too hot the mascara will be much too liquid and if it is too cold it will solidify. If you want a more waterproof mascara, do not hesitate to put more beeswax.

This recipe will help to separate, blacken and especially moisturize your eyelashes. It is also perfect for sensitive eyes and will not cause eye irritation. The recipes of organic and natural mascaras do not necessarily allow you to have volume but lengthen your lashes. In this case, do not hesitate to apply several layers.

Recipe # 2: Honey Oil

For this second recipe, it will not make you much more ingredients than the previous recipe and it is just as effective. Simply mix active charcoal (always to get the color), a few drops of castor oil and honey oil and finally to keep your mascara, add a few drops of wheat germ oil.

To have a thicker mascara and so will be more on the eyelashes, you can either put more castor oil or add sterilized clay according to the thickness you want to give your eyelashes. Castor oil can also be replaced by argan oil since they have the same benefits and almost the same texture.

Recipe # 3: Grapefruit and Aloe vera

Finally for the last recipe of your future organic mascara, only 4 ingredients are needed. You will need aloe vera gel, activated charcoal, bentonite clay and grapefruit seed extract for preservation. You mix all this in a small container then you transfer it into a tube of mascara and voila!

Despite being homemade, this mascara does not flow thanks to the clay that allows it to not be too liquid. On the other hand, do not put too many layers because the clay can create packets at the end of the eyelashes.
The removal of makeup organic mascaras is really not complicated. You can either use your usual makeup removers or coconut oil or sweet almond which are very effective. We also wrote an article on “how to remove makeup? So do not hesitate to take a look if you have some doubts. You can also simply use a cotton pad soaked in water and it will go away alone because it does not contain any chemicals.

The benefits of the ingredients of a homemade mascara

Most of the ingredients mentioned above to make your own mascara have benefits for your skin, your eyes and especially your eyelashes.

Castor oil :

It is really effective if you want to thicken and strengthen your eyelashes or lengthen your eyelashes, eyebrows or hair faster. Although it is a very thick and oily oil, it is very effective and we highly recommend it. For the creation of self-made mascaras, you must be careful not to put too much because the mascara may leak in case of rain or hot weather. It is really the oil to privilege to lengthen your eyelashes.

Argan oil :

Argan oil has some of the same benefits as castor oil. It is mainly used for masks and hair care but also for the face since it embellishes, nourishes and strengthens. That’s why for your mascaras you can use it instead of castor oil. It will not necessarily lengthen your eyelashes but will make them thicker and healthier.

Coconut oil:

It is an oil that is really used for everything: cooking, makeup, care … It is very fat so it will really come to nourish your eyelashes in depth without making them too fat and sticky. It will also soften them so they do not get entangled when applying your mascara. Your eyelashes will be more easily separated, flexible and strong.

Wheat germ oil:

This oil does not necessarily have great benefits for your eyelashes, but it will allow your mascara to keep for several months. It is thanks to the vitamin E intake of this ingredient that your mascara will be able to keep longer and be very nourishing for your eyelashes.

Aloe vera :

Aloe vera is an excellent moisturizer for the skin but also for the hair. It is used a lot as a facial because it protects a lot of infections and allows you to cleanse and refresh the skin. That’s why it’s important to put in your homemade mascaras: it will allow to give some texture to mascara but especially to protect infections in the eyes and therefore avoid irritation.

Honey :

It is used a lot to make masks for the face because just like aloe vera, it is a very good moisturizer. If you have irritation on the lips or just chapped lips, do not hesitate to put on and do honey care. For your lashes, it will be just as beneficial. Its nourishing effect will help strengthen your eyelashes and make them more flexible and therefore easier to work. It will also help make your mascara thicker and more resistant to water and heat.

Activated carbon:

Some of you may be afraid to put some but there is no risk, or you can simply replace it with cocoa powder. It is used in mascaras to give the color black, but it is also used as a facial because it is a very good detoxifier for the face. That’s why do not hesitate to put in your mascara. The powder will mix with liquids, you will have no fear of receiving charcoal in the eyes.
And you dear Fuzzy, do not hesitate to share your homemade mascaras recipes and of course your feedback.

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