Best mascaras : which model to choose ?

Mascara is really the finishing touch of a makeup, that’s what will make the difference and that will beautify your eyes. This is why it is important to choose a good mascara that will not pack, that will not run and that will hold all day without retouching and that will lengthen your eyelashes and give them maximum volume.

The choice of your mascara is according to your needs: if you want to have long eyelashes, thick eyelashes, a look of doe, false eyelashes … its price but also its composition. That’s why in our selection of the 8 best mascaras to sublimate your eyes, you will undoubtedly find the mascara that will meet your needs.

Chanel’s “Volume”

If you are looking for length, this mascara is for you. His promise is to lengthen the lashes from root to tip and also dries very quickly. Beautiful promises, which are totally respected.
In addition, this mascara is perfect for fine eyelashes because in addition to giving you length, it will bring you volume. Feel free to apply multiple layers to achieve the desired volume. Its intense black color will accentuate your look and give you an irresistible look. This is one of the best mascaras because it holds all day, without flowing and will leave you the same curvature at the beginning of the day.

If you make yourself a loaded makeup like a smoky, this mascara is perfect because thanks to the volume, the length it gives and its intense black, it will sublimate your makeup. You can find it at Sephora for € 35.99.

“Volume Millions of Eyelashes” by L’Oréal Paris

With its silicone brush and its intense black color, this mascara is perfect to sublimate and intensify your look while remaining natural. For a natural look, without eye shadow or eyeliner, it is really ideal for this type of nude make up. It will make you doe eyes without the need for makeup and eyeliner. Its first quality is the length it gives to eyelashes in just a few brush strokes, but the black of this mascara will allow you to open your eyes and make it sophisticated. If you want to add volume, you can very well reach the first layer dry then pass a second.

This mascara is also perfect for sensitive eyes and for people who wear lenses. Its brush is fine and does not hurt your eyes while separating your eyelashes.
It is € 11.90 on the L’Oréal Paris website but the price varies depending on the points of sale.

Best mascara: “They’re real” from Benefit

This mascara leaves a very natural effect while bringing a certain length and a curl to your lashes all day long. Just like the “Volume Millions of Eyelashes” from L’Oreal, it does not necessarily bring a spectacular volume but by passing several layers you will reach the desired volume. The intensity of its color allows it a long time without sinking and without the need to iron a diaper during the day.

Its brush is also silicone and quite big with many pimples, even at the tip of the brush, so you can catch the eyelashes that are in the corner of your eye. Moreover, its brush makes it possible to very well separate your eyelashes and to control the quantity of product. If you want to test it before buying the large format, it also exists in mini format.

You can find it in all the shops or on the Sephora website for € 27.50.

“Better than sex” by Too Faced

With its very special and funny name, it is the best selling mascara in the world, so it makes sense that it is in our top of the best mascaras. His promise is to bring maximum volume to your eyelashes, until you have the impression to have fake. Girls who have long but very thin eyelashes, this mascara will bring you what you are looking for in just one coat. Its hourglass-shaped brush will allow you to catch all your eyelashes in one go without difficulty.

In addition to having all these qualities and it is labeled Cruelty Free, so no test on animals, which is very significant.
There may be a little flaw: sometimes small black flakes of mascara form and settle under your eyes after a long day …

Like Benefit’s “They’re real” mascara, it comes in a mini format so you can drag it anywhere and / or test it before buying the original size. It is available in all Sephora stores or on the website at a price of 25 €.

“The False Lashes” of Essence

A mascara has a much more affordable price (4 €!) And that pleases many. Level quality / price, it is really top and promises a doe look. At its first use, there can be a lot of product on the brush and so it can create some packages. But if you remove a little product the first applications, the result will be perfect. In addition to separating your eyelashes, it gives length and volume, which is therefore suitable for fine and straight eyelashes.

For a daily makeup, it really does the trick since it leaves a very natural effect while opening your eyes.
Only one negative point, it is not long: sometimes during the day if it is a little hot or if your eyes cry, it may sink but it is very easy to remove.

“Volume Elixir” by Yves Rocher

A mascara that promises you length and volume but also that strengthens and repairs the eyelashes thanks to its products care inside. It is perfect for everyday looks, for a natural and discreet effect. In addition to that, it does not pack and separates lashes very well.
In order to benefit from its restorative and invigorating action, it must be used every day to see the results as quickly as possible.

Despite his promise in his name, he will bring you more length than volume. It will not suit you if you want a loaded eye makeup and a false eyelash effect to sublimate and intensify your eyes, but you’ve seen that it has other qualities, it’s up to you to see what you’re looking for !
It is available at Yves Rocher or on the official website for € 24.90.

“Diorshow New Look” by Dior

“Mascara with a lightening effect of lashes, volume and care”: that is his promise. Its silicone brush full of spikes makes it easy to separate your eyelashes while ensuring volume and length. After two layers, you’ll be sure to get a fake-eyelash and doe-eye effect thanks to the length it gives you. Its small well-supplied brush allows you not to put all over the eyelid and is very easy to handle. Attention, sometimes this mascara may have a tendency to flow as the day progresses and you have some small black marks flush with the eyelashes.

This mascara is displayed at € 33.50 at Sephora.

“Ultra Tech + Volume and Definition Mascara” by Kiko

Its high definition volume effect promises you lashes separated, voluminous and gaining length. Its well-supplied silicone brush allows you to catch all your eyelashes while separating them and leaving no packs. Finally, its intense black color will sublimate your eyes in a single stroke and that for your entire day.

In addition, its long-lasting hold allows you to avoid having to touch during the day and avoids burrs flush with the lashes.
With this mascara, which is undoubtedly one of the best mascaras, you will be sure to get a fake eyelash and doe effect even if you wear a loaded makeup.

Its quality / price ratio is impeccable since it keeps its promises and will be perfect for short and fine eyelashes. You can find it for 9,95 € at Kiko.

Feel free to tell us in the comments what is your best mascara and which one do you recommend?

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