Jewel woolen headband : winter trend !

Who says the return of the cold said return gloves, coats, scarves, hats and especially the famous woolen headbands to protect our ears from the cold without necessarily destroying our entire hairstyle or simply given another style! Here is our selection of 5 bands trendy this winter and also find a DIY to create your own woolen headband with jewel!

The jewel woolen headband

In addition to being trendy, the headband will keep you warm without undoing your hairstyle like a hat would do for example. It is usually made of wool, cashmere or fur and that is why it warms your ears during freezing temperatures. In addition to keeping you warm, it has become a real trendy fashion accessory that has been in vogue every winter for a few years now.

There are different ways to wear the woolen headband, with different hairstyles. The most trendy is to put it over your loose hair, but you can also wear it with two pretty African braids or with a bun.
Nowadays, you find everywhere, especially when winter comes, all colors, with or without jewelry and at all prices.

The jewel trend of this winter is a novelty. It looks like a decoration hanging on it. It adds glamor, it can even be a bit retro depending on the style you give to the rest of your look.

IDEA: You can take a normal headband and hang a jewel brooch on it or a thermo-stick sequin ribbon. This will create a style totally in your image.

Here is our selection of 5 woolen headbands

Our first selected banner is from Bonobo. It is very trendy thanks to its jewel in the front. If you wear this kind of headband, you do not even have to wear accessories because it does everything with its own jewel. Its black color allows it to stay classy and not to overdo it. Plus, its big mesh effect is top for this winter!

You can put it with your skirt to finish the chic look but if you match it to a more basic outfit, it will simply add a little feminine touch. The combination of black and jewel makes the headband chic and dress perfectly your outfit.
Its price is very affordable since it is only 12.99 € and will be your best friend for this winter.


This second is simpler but remains very trendy and will keep you just as hot! Its bow at the front adds a touch of originality and makes it more feminine than a classic headband.
In addition, its light gray color goes very well to all hair colors and its cashmere effect will appeal to most of you!

Thanks to its simplicity, it will go perfectly with any outfit, since it has a classic but chic effect. You will find it at Camaïeu, in the shop or on the website at 9.99 €.


This third band selected is quite basic in its cut and but its 100% cashmere orange is really nice. There are several colors, less bright colors but the yellow is really a trend color for this fall / winter so dare it! The blondes avoid the yellow but opt instead for the blue duck, which will go perfectly with your hair and bring out your color.
The twisted effect at the front of the headband adds a touch of femininity and makes it less basic. It’s a color that will go perfectly with a sober and dark, it will add a little boost to the whole! In addition, you can accessorize with a bag or why not with shoes of the same color.
Its price is 35 € at Galeries Lafayette, it is very good and you will be sure it keeps you warm.

BHV Marais.png

The fourth headband has beads sewn everywhere. These pearls make the difference and will make you crack! In addition, the twist on the side adds a feminine effect and makes it even more sophisticated. Its mesh effect is reminiscent of the hand-knit style. This headband is perfect for women who do not want a hair band too eccentric but still chic and who will dress an outfit and maybe even a hairstyle for this winter.

You will find this bandeau mesh on the site of the Halle or shop for only 9.99 €.


Finally, the latter is really made for the freezing temperatures, perhaps for your future ski holiday but still feminine and chic. Unlike the other bands presented, this one is not only in mesh but also in fake fur which is very fashionable this year (see our top of the trends autumn winter!). Its beige and white colors are perfect for this kind of headband that already does everything with its fur that marries perfectly with many outfits. It will hold much warmer than the others thanks to its mix of faux fur and wool. You will find it at 29,95 € on


How to make your own woolen headband?

For girls who like to sew, create their own accessories and who are creative, you can make your own woolen headband and it’s very simple. You can customize it by adding sequins, tassels, brooch … and choosing the material and fabric you prefer: woolen mesh if you want to knit and fleece or fur if you want to sew.

Those who are used to it will be very simple for you to knit your wool headband according to your colors and your desires. On the other hand, if you have trouble knitting, you will find several tutorials on Youtube or Google about DIY’s “How to knit a woolen headband? “. It’s up to you to be original and have your own custom-made headband by customizing it.

And you, dear Fuzzy, tell us if you too are a fan of the jewel wool headband for this winter.

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