Disenchantment, new original tv serie !

Matt Groening. If this name evokes you something, it’s because this American cartoonist, screenwriter and television producer is the ingenious creator of the Simpsons and Futurama. August 17th 2018 marked the beginning of his new adventure, with his new animated series Disenchantment.

What is Disenchantment about, this original series?

Disenchantment takes place in a universe as quirky and funny as that of the Simpson and futurama, but finally quite different. Indeed, the world of this series is inspired by medieval legends, myths and fairy tales, but also other fantastic universes like Tolkien’s. In other words, when we look at Disenchantment, we plunge into a world of magic, castles, goblins, trolls, brave knights and noble princesses.

We follow the adventures of Bean, Princess of the kingdom of Dreamland, a rebellious young woman who refuses to impose anything on her. The story begins when Bean refuses the political marriage that is “suggested” by his father the king. She soon meets her two companions in trouble, Elfo, a curious and naughty elf, and Luci, a teasing demon who looks like a cat.

Why Disenchantment is a series to watch?

First, because Matt Groening was able, thanks to Netflix, released all his genius in the realization of this series. The drawings are as usual very well, and we recognize the paw of the master, but the format is slightly longer than for the Simpson, at least 25 minutes per episode. This allows you to tell more things between two jokes, to further develop the stories and characters.

Because life is not a fairy tale, but it is still wonderful. The universe of Disenchantment is really interesting and worked and we discover characters charismatic and hilarious. We confess our special attachment to Luci, the little demon linked to Bean. This character had to be materialized with black humor, he always has a spade to make, a remark or a play of word. Cynical, nonchalant, and very joker, demon obliges, he is however quite faithful to Bean and Elfo. Let Luci do it and you will be won over by the character and the series.

But above all, Disenchantment makes us laugh and entertain, while addressing very serious and topical themes, such as racism or feminism. In the Simpsons, there was a critique of modern society, but it was almost drowned out by a stream of gags that came together. In this new series, we take the time to decrypt the messages. Through the fight of Bean, who does everything to emancipate himself from this medieval and patriarchal world, we recognize a message fundamentally feminist. We are very far from the little princess who wisely waits for her prince charming. This princess is forging her own future, and her opinions are very sharp, and all she really wants is freedom, and take it seriously. Not to mention the racism recounted in particular through the isolationism of the elves and their conflicts with men who seek to exploit their magical powers. Really, Disenchantment is interesting by the messages she wears with humor.

The new series of Matt Groening is more serious, and deeper, but still very funny, and full of winks and references. When one launches into Disenchantment, one becomes a little Bean’s third companion, accompanying him on his journeys, and we want only one thing: to know more.

We leave you on the trailer, story that you can make a little idea:

At your screens, the Fuzzy, and tell us what you thought of Disenchantment, available on Netflix! And if you liked this article, share it on social networks.

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