Edible flowers, a food trend

We have used the flowers in the kitchen for a long time, the Greeks, Romans and Chinese already ate! Many traditional kitchens count the flowers in their traditional recipes, like the rose very present in the Indian cuisine.

Edible flowers, a food trend

The chefs of our time are not left out and incorporate petals or flowers in many dishes, from starter to dessert. To give a scented note, for their benefits or simply to decorate, the flower is very useful in our delicate dishes.

The choice is varied because about 250 species of flowers are edible, each with its own flavors, colors and benefits.

How to integrate flowers into your kitchen

They can be raw, to give our dish a more colorful appearance and crisp texture, for example a few sunflower petals in a salad, dandelions or fennel to garnish a dessert.

They can also be cooked to bring unique flavors or a specific flavor to your recipe. Prepare them in broth, for example, to exacerbate the aroma of a fish.

Infused, the flowers preserve all their benefits and have exquisite flavors. We often find flower teas such as hibiscus, rose or jasmine.

They can also be used as spices. The queen of the meadows, in particular, makes an excellent spice.

In fact, cooking flowers is a trend that is limited only by your tastes and your imagination. Why not put a little flower in your next homemade ice cream or in future ice cubes. It’s also superb to sublimate your cocktails!

Some edible flowers to put in your dishes

  • Violet is a classic flower in the kitchen. It is often found in candy or ice scent. Its particular taste makes it go very well with a sweet dessert.
  • The zucchini flower is very popular with chefs because its taste really resembles that of zucchini.
  • The nasturtium, which has a beautiful orange color and a taste of capers.
  • The basil flowers, whose taste is similar to basil leaves, but a little sweeter. Ditto for the sage flowers, which have a little taste of honey in addition to their sage aroma.
  • Citrus flowers, be it orange, grapefruit, or lemon, etc. They have a very sweet taste and are fragrant. Some petals are enough to brighten your dish. Not too much, otherwise your dish will tend to be a little too fragrant, even with some petals you will enjoy all the nutrients and vitamins.

Recommendations before eating flowers

  • Favor the organic flowers, or of which you know the origin. Avoid picking up a flower at the side of the road.
  • Enjoy only the flowers you know are edible. Some flowers can be toxic to humans, such as lily of the valley.
  • If necessary, before eating the petals, remove the stamens and pistils.
  • Consume your flowers quickly, before they are faded. To keep them longer, you can leave them on damp paper towels and keep them cool.

And you Fuzzy, have you ever tried the edible flowers?

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