Best New Year destinations in Europe

New Year’s Eve approaches and you want to celebrate elsewhere, to discover new cultures and experience a New Year’s exotic, here are our top 5 best destinations in Europe to celebrate. Remember to book early if you want to leave because prices are rising fast …

N ° 1 of the best New Year destinations in Europe : Barcelona, ​​Spain

Barcelona is one of the best cities to celebrate the New Year, the small prices, the good atmosphere and the Spanish heat will leave you with unforgettable memories to start the new year. The Spaniards are known to have the taste of the party so you do not risk being disappointed. Disguises, local spirits, crowd, music and fireworks are at the rendezvous to make you spend a New Year of madness and especially unforgettable.

Since 2013, in Barcelona, ​​a big party is organized by the city near the fountain of Montjuïc. A show starts at 11pm for tourists and also for locals, then from midnight, the party continues in the streets of Spain or in the clubs and bars of the city that never sleep.
The Spanish tradition is to swallow one by one twelve grapes during the twelve strokes of midnight. The people who swallow them in rhythm will be lucky and will live a happy year.

No. 2: London, England

For the New Year, London is also working hard to enliven the city and benefit not only locals but also tourists. Even if the temperatures are cool, the good atmosphere and the kindness of the Londoners are very present during this party.
The big fireworks shot from the London Eye, like every year, is an extraordinary sight not to be missed. The party continues, too, in the streets of London but also in the hippest clubs in the city, pubs but also on the rooftops that will offer you a magnificent view of the city illuminated by the lights and fires. artifices. In addition, locals do not do things by halves since extravagant themes and equally crazy outfits are commonplace in the city: rainbow hair, pajama outfits or chic girls in dress. of cocktail mix in joy and good humor.

There, you will not be ready to forget your New Year’s Eve and leave with wonderful memories.

N ° 3: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Celebrating New Year in Amsterdam is something to do at least in his life since it is a very important party there and the celebrations last all night. The fireworks take place in Oosterdok behind the boats which offers an absolutely magnificent view, north of the Centrum district. Following the fireworks, the party continues in the bars and clubs of the city that offer special parties to celebrate this new year that begins. If you like good atmosphere, party and music, this is a city made for you since you go to party until the early morning and enjoy the maximum.

The Dutch custom at New Year’s Eve is to eat donuts called “oliebollen”. Feel free to taste them if you celebrate the New Year there.

No. 4: Edinburgh, Scotland

In Scotland, Christmas Eve, called “Hogmanay”, lasts 3 days from December 30th to January 1st. Shows, concerts, spectacular fireworks and other festivities enliven the streets of the city during the New Year. The big fireworks are fired from Edinburgh Castle but there are several in the city throughout the evening and during the 3 days. The traditional Scottish song “Auld Land Syne” is also sung on December 31 to celebrate the new year. On January 1st is organized the New Year Games, which is a Scottish sports tradition where you will be sure to find a good mood and conviviality.
But celebrating the New Year in Edinburgh is not just for party-goers, it’s a perfect place to celebrate the New Year’s weekend with your family. Indeed, events that begin in the early afternoon are especially made for children, such as the Baby Loves Disco.

N ° 5: Budapest, Hungary

For a New Year not very expensive and that will amaze you, Budapest is for you. The New Year’s Eve is a very important holiday for the Hungarians, that’s why this moment is eagerly awaited and prepared by the locals. This city can accommodate for New Year partygoers but also couples who wish to celebrate in a romantic way.
Many neighborhoods offer free concerts to locals but also to tourists such as: Vajdahunyadar, Vörösmarty Square and District VII. Also, bars and clubs open their doors to you so that you can celebrate the new year in the good atmosphere and accompanied by music and alcohol all along the evening.
For a more romantic side, houseboats offer romantic evenings

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