New Year Makeup !

New Year is fast approaching and after some ideas of outfits, here are some makeup suggestions. For New Year, you have to shine from head to toe and of course with the make-up. You will find your happiness makeup in this article !

Sequins on the eyes …

If you also want to sparkle with your eye makeup for New Year’s Eve, do not hesitate to put glitter on the center of your eyelid while in the outer hollow you deposit a darker shadow to give depth to your eyes.
The color of the glitter depends on the color of your eyes (see also our article on eye makeup).
– For blue eyes, opt for warm colors and therefore colors in shades of orange, brown or beige. The golden glitter will go perfectly with your eyes and make them stand out without doing too much. Place a dark brown eye shadow in the outer hollow and “voila” !
– For brown eyes, many colors are possible for you: the mole, brown, gold, taupe or black. For this New Year makeup, avoid pastel colors such as white, blue, pink or light green (unless it matches your outfit and you add a darker or iridescent color for depth) .

If you want a makeup that is remarquable, put a dark purple or black eyeshadow in your outer eyelid hollow and glitter, those gold or even black will be perfect and complete perfectly your femme fatale look. If you want a darker makeup, go for a little more nude colors and gold glitter.
– For green eyes, your color will be “plum” and the colors that turn around: purple, pink, … For a makeup loaded, then opt for dark colors such as violin, aubergine and center you you can put a little lighter colors, such as purple, lavender … For a lighter look, the light pink or a touch of Burgundy will be perfect for you.

Where to find glitter makeup for the eyes?

You will find glitter for the eyes also a little everywhere in the makeup stores, there are some at MAC or NYX which are very good. It is very fashionable to put glitter in the center of the eyelid and it is especially top for party makeup, but of course you can very well put in evening makeup throughout the year.

What is also very trendy is to make a beautiful “line of eyeliner” to which you can add rhinestones that you will stick in the form of a line at the end of the eyelid or just one at the inner corner of the eyelid.

If you prefer there are more and more eye-liners with glitter in them and they are very trendy for the holidays. Finally, to complete your look and really bet on the eyes of doe, do not hesitate to put eyelashes. It’s very glamorous. You will find in all makeup stores for ten euros.

And why not a sequin eyebrow?!?

sourcil doré.jpg

Glitter even on the mouth

First of all let’s remember a little rule of global harmony: choose eyes or lips for a loaded makeup. If you make a strong makeup in color and / or glitter on the eyelids, put a nude or clear lipstick. On the other hand, if you do light makeup on the eyes, you can put everything on the mouth with a bright red lipstick.

For the mouth, there are glittery lipsticks or even special glitter for lips and it’s totally trendy. If you want to make a light makeup on the eyes with matte eyes, do not hesitate to put glitter on your lips!

The glitter makeup for your mouth is also available at MAC, Sephora, Kiko …


Bet everything on the complexion

In any case, do not forget your complexion. A very beautiful complexion, well done and well made up will make all the difference.
If you have a beautiful base skin, you can do without the foundation, a creamy bb, concealer or just a little corrector will be enough. A bit of mattifying powder to help makeup to hold and you’re ready!

Add a nice pink blush on your cheeks to give a little bit of pep to your face and bronzer in the hollow of your cheeks, the top of your forehead and the jawbone to create relief and bring the warmth of the complexion.

The key that will make the difference for New Year’s Eve is definitely the highlighter! It’s a good idea if you do not want glitter on the eyes or on the mouth, it will make you shine and you will add the glow worthy of the New Year’s party. Apply it mainly on the top of your cheekbones and a little on the tip and the ridge of your nose, under your eyebrows and on Cupid’s bow of your mouth.


In addition, do not hesitate to go see our article on the preparation of makeup and complexion to see the basis of makeup.

And you Fuzzy, what makeup are you going to do to celebrate the new year? Are you going to bet more on the eyes, the mouth or the complexion? Feel free to tell us in comment and to share your makeup!

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