Meisenthal’s Christmas balls

If you are a big fan of decorating and especially Christmas balls, you should definitely know the Meisenthal balls. Even if you do not know, you will learn a little more about the origin of these balls and especially the new ball created for the holidays of 2018. Maybe you will also crack and give a new charm to your tree this year!

The story of these beautiful balls Meisenthal

Whereas originally Christmas trees were decorated with fruit, an important drought deprived the Northern Vosges of fruits in 1858 which prevented thus to decorate their fir trees. Following this tragedy, a young glassblower from a village in Moselle, Goetzenbrück near Meisenthal, began to blow some glass balls to cope with the difficulties of the drought. It was then that the Goetzenbrück glass factory, which was known for its manufacture of glass watches and glasses, began a new production: the decoration balls.

In 1964, this glassworks closed its doors and it was only in 1998 that the International Glass Art Center (CIAV) of Meisenthal took up this beautiful tradition of creating decorative balls. A year later, the CIAV launched the famous “balls of
Christmas “.
For several years now, thousands of people go, a few weeks before Christmas, to Meisenthal to contemplate the work of glassblowers and especially to buy a glass ball of exception.

The different models of balls Meisenthal

The more years pass and the more balls Meisenthal become popular in France. In addition to traditional models, there are more contemporary models designed by contemporary designers and artists. These two styles, especially the modern style, make the charm and specialty of these balls, which delight each year.

Each day, more than 280 balls, of traditional or contemporary style, are produced at the International Glass Art Center. The creation of one Meisenthal ball requires a working time of 4 to 5 minutes and 3 different glassmakers are mobilized.

The balls of the traditional line are generally in round shape and simple colors such as red, gold, white or green, which refer to Christmas symbols. The prices of the balls vary in this collection and also according to the point of sale, but most are between 12 € and 14 €. The most expensive can go up to 33 €.
In addition, in this collection, three balls refer to the fruits that were put at the time on the fir trees: apple, pine apple cone and bunch of grapes.

For the contemporary line (photo at the head of the article), the balls have more original and more sought-after forms than those of the traditional line. Their colors are also out of the ordinary, ranging from yellow to purple through orange but also green. Unlike the traditional line, the balls in this collection are available in several colors. There are balls in the shape of flint, UFO, snow tires or cloud.
Most balls of the contemporary collection are from 19 € even if some can go up to 35 €. Prices also vary based on sales.

ARTI: the ball of Meisenthal 2018!

As every year, a new Christmas ball Meisenthal made its appearance … This year was announced at the beginning of November. For the biggest surprise of the fans of decoration, the ball of this year is in the shape of artichoke!

Named “Arti”, it was Nathalie Nierengarten who created it. For this year, the theme thought by Nathalie was the meals that we eat especially at Christmas and more generally on the theme of food. After various vegetable designs, she appreciated the artichoke with its hard shell, soft heart and different colors from green to purple.
“Arti” refers to the heart, “the treasure of our secret gardens” as evoked by the video presentation of this new Christmas ball on the website of the Meisenthal glassworks.

boule meisenthal arti

Where can you find Meisenthal’s balls?

Meisenthal’s balls are available at several points of sale in the Grand-Est region of France during the Christmas period and one in Paris :

– at the Nancy Tourist Office (54)
– at the International Glass Art Center Meisenthal (57)
– at the Forbach Tourist Office (57)
– at the Inspire Metz Agency – Metz Tourist Office (57)
– Quality Chalet Mosl Metz (57)
– at the Sarreguemines Christmas Market (57)
– at the Christmas Market of the Three Kings of Strasbourg (67)
– Complex Sainte Barbe de Selestat (67)
– at the Tourist Office of Colmar (67)
– at the Christmas Market of Museums and Designers in Ottmarsheim (68)

– and finally at Showroom 10surDix in Paris (75)

For more informations, do not hesitate to visit the website in the “Christmas balls” section.

And you Fuzzy, what Christmas Meisenthal ball has your preference? And rather modern or contemporary?

Our favorite is MIX, the ball released in 2014 which represents the sound wave of the steps in the snow! As perfectly shown in this infographic of

It’s true madeleine of Proust and all the poetry of the snow is found in this contemporary and so elegant ball.

mix boule meisenthal

Find the video corresponding to this article :

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