Christmas Nail art

Christmas and New Year are the perfect occasions to take glittery and brightly colored nails out of the way. Each year, the goal of the holiday season is also to put on his 31 from head to toe, passing through the nails of course. Do not forget that the manicure has become a real fashion accessory, it is also a nice way to have fun and be creative, so here are some nail art ideas that are easy to make yourself.

What nail art for Christmas?

The manicure has grown more and more over the years. Today, having nails made and / or extroverted has become a true fashion accessory. But it’s especially during big events (Football World Cup, Halloween, Christmas and New Year) that we take out our most beautiful nails with their most beautiful nail art.

For Christmas, many nail arts are possible according to your desires and your personality. You can go into the most showy and fun as in the most neutral and basic. In addition it is quite possible to make a nail art yourself, just arm yourself with a few small tools, polish of course, a bit of patience and voila!

For a fun and colorful look, go for the red, green, golden or even glitter blue nail polish. On top, Christmas designs will perfectly finish the nail art: fir trees, snowmen …
For a chic and neutral look, a simple uniq and iridescent or large sequins polish will be perfect ! A discreet design can also finish the nail art very nicely as garlands of light, snowflakes …

To make the drawings, scotch or a fine brush to create the shapes will do the trick! But you can also opt for stickers to stick on the polish not yet dry or the stamping technique. Remember to always finish with a layer of top coat to protect your work.

nail art stanping noel

Some ideas of Christmas nail art

Nail art 1.png

This nail is rather easy to reproduce and requires few colors of varnish and tools. Santa’s hat refers directly to Christmas and can finish your look in all simplicity and simplicity. For easier drawing the triangle and more details, you can stick tape on your nail triangle and put the red polish inside the shape. For white dots, use a very fine brush or even a toothpick.

Nail art 2.png

Girls who want to match their nails at Christmas time but without doing too much, this nail art is for you. The glittery red nail polish and Santa’s outfit only on one nail is really nice. It’s up to you to add other drawings on the other nails if you wish. For this nail art, no need for many tools either, use a brush a little thicker than for the previous nail art.

Nail art 3

For girls who do not want to have a common nail art with a Santa or reindeer, this manicure is for you! Green, red and gingerbread are very good references to the Christmas season. This nail art requires mastery and is made for girls are a little more experienced.

Nail art 4

This manicure is rather easy and discreet if you do it on only one nail. Here the technique of putting several scotch tips is used and what makes this nail art simple. If you prefer to put red or blue in basic color, you can modify it according to your tastes!

At the head of the article you have a picture of our latest nail art selected with the link for its tutorial in modern Christmas all in dots !

That made you want festive nail art? In any case, think of matching your nail art with your Christmas sweater!

Find the video corresponding to this article :

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