Enjoy the Christmas meal without consequences

The Christmas season is a moment of senses pleasure. The good smells of cooking before going to dinner, the tastes of each meal into your mouth, the softness of the sofa’s fur during your digestion with the Christmas music that softly rocks you with the great view of the well decorated Christmas tree…

Let’s see how to fully enjoy all these pleasures without disrupting your overall happiness. As emptying each dish, eating and drinking until you roll on the floor may not be the way you want to live this Christmas time, but you want to honor the various dishes and toast with everyone. Here are some tips to have fun during the holidays without consequences.

Prepare before the holidays

You have a food hygiene that suits you this year, you feel good and you are a little afraid to take a few pounds during the Christmas period. If you do not want to frustrate yourself, some tips are to be implemented before the holidays to prepare you well!

There is no point in eating very little for one or two weeks before these famous meals, your body will not understand why it is restricted, it will be even more hungry during the festive meals and will store even more.
It may be a good time to stop snacking and choose the good foods, hydration and sports.

Increase your vitamin intake so that your body works better.
To do so, try to eat a fruit, some dried fruits, raw vegetables and vegetables every day. Avoid desserts and sweets if you want to nibble, instead favor a square of dark chocolate that will satisfy your taste buds and your body.

In addition, avoid fried foods, industrial preparations and dishes in sauce: wake up the healthy cook in you (see our top 10 superfoods so you can make good meals). Finally, opt for water (put a lemon juice if you do not like natural water) instead of soda.

Do not miss a meal

It is important to eat at all meals even if they are small amounts. Allow yourself a good breakfast based on fruits and proteins (egg or vegetable milk) so you do not have the urge to snack before noon! Your body needs energy during the day and skipping meals will open up a bigger appetite for the next meal or nibble you before the next meal.

Do not snack between meals

Whether you are with girlfriends, with children, or even because you are bored during your day, do not succumb to the snacking of sweets and biscuits and just a tea, coffee, herbal tea, a fruit or only a small portion of nuts, hazelnuts or almonds that will fill your stomach with ease and with good food!

Be careful, do not overdo it and do not repeat the nibbling of fruits or nuts several times a day. Like anything, we avoid excesses. In this case, do you prefer several teas or herbal teas during the day.

Do some sport

The sport before the holidays will allow you to free your mind, to prevent you from nibbling and toning (or losing a few grams or pounds, if you go early enough).

You do not have to do 1 hour of cardio, 1 hour of bodybuilding or to pay you a subscription to the gym ! A good walk in the fresh air will do you the greatest good to the body and the spirit. Think of a sport that you like and that you will pursue after the holidays.

Enjoy the Christmas meals

Year-end holiday meals are fast associated with calories, long digestion and weight gain. But here are some tips to make you happy during the holiday meals.
Do not miss meals on the day or the day before because you may snack before, throw on appetizers or eat too much during the meal. Not to mention the effects of alcohol on an empty stomach … Think about eating slightly the day before and during the day of the gargantuan family meal.
Avoid appetizers before the meal. Even if there are some, avoid them and especially aperitifs like peanuts, chips or appetizers. Reserve yourself for the foie gras and / or salmon on the toast. However, you can still eat small vegetable sticks with cottage cheese sauce.
Do not eat too much, enjoy what is on your plate and refuse if you are offered a second service. Listen to your body, it tells you that you are no longer hungry, or a little but precisely it remains the dessert!

With the healthy dishes and healthy portions you’ve eaten in the past few weeks, you’ve used your body to a normal serving of good food! Admit by listening to your body after the entry, the dish, the dessert that if you ask for more it would be pure greed. There is no point in stuffing you, even if Aunt Daisy is boring you about the weather.
– Finally, avoid too much alcohol! Indeed, wine and champagne are drinks with a lot of calories, try to stay on two glasses maximum during the evening (and of course if you do not drive back). In addition, if you are tipsy you will probably less want to be reasonable about drinks and second service turkey sauce and third part of praline cake !
If you follow these tips before and during Christmas holidays meals, your body but also your spirit will thank you, you will have enjoyed your holidays fully without gaining weight, without heavy digestion, without small pimples, and even with some new good habits if you did not have them already!

Besides, dear Fuzzy, we will meet again very soon for a special article “After the holidays”.

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