Fashion Christmas Sweaters

As every year for the Christmas and New Year parties, Christmas special sweaters are back in fashion. Available in all colors, for all tastes and often at low prices, it is hard not to find your happiness.

The trend continues more and more with our desire for fun for the holidays, offbeat spirit, that’s why you will find some looks’ ideas with holiday sweaters selected especially for you!

Where does the Christmas sweater tradition come from?

The special Christmas sweater was above all an Anglo-Saxon Christmas tradition when hand knit sweaters were presented with motifs related to Christmas : elves, reindeer, a Christmas tree, snowmen…
It was in 2001 that the famous Mark Darcy put the famous Christmas sweater in the spotlight with his sweater Rudolph the little reindeer and fell in love for our dear Bridget.

He is then seen as a pretty nerdy sweater, even ugly, which has earned him since 2011, to be celebrated on December 16 with a holiday called more commonly “ugly Christmas sweater party”. This day of celebration is spreading more and more in the United States, Canada, England, France … At work or with friends, everyone has the right to wear a “ridiculous” pull to celebrate Christmas, all for the pleasure of relaxing before the holidays.

In recent years, Christmas sweaters are more and more present to show our fun side and are no longer characterized by tacky. We find more and more funny sweaters or with special Christmas word games. Inter-agency competitions are even organized to elect who will have the best or the funniest Christmas sweater.

How to wear the Christmas sweater?

Christmas sweaters are mostly associated with bright Christmas colors such as red and green with motifs referring to Christmas such as leprechauns, Santa Claus or reindeer. But for the shy persons or not so into this trend, these are also declined in jacquard pattern with more sober colors such as black, blue or gray.

Christmas sweaters with a strong look are usually worn with humor to be in the mood of the holiday season and bring a bit of lightness. There is no point in taking someone seriously when wearing a sweater with reindeer or a mischievous goblin.
However, for a look for everyday life, do not hesitate to wear your sweater with a pretty skirt or leather pants, jeans or carrot pants.

If you wear a crazy Christmas sweater with wrestling or reindeer, do not hesitate to wear it with a skirt and small boots with heels, even high boots to play a little sexy card and bring a real contrast. You can also wear it with carrot pants and derbies always to bring a contrast and stay in class but with a touch of fun.

To avoid falling into the pajama look, we avoid wearing these sweaters with jogging pants or sweatpants, unless it is for a tv party of course!

Where to find Christmas sweaters?

Nowadays, and more and more each year, many brands offer Christmas sweaters. We find at all prices, all colors, for all genres and for all tastes. In the shop or on the websites, you will always find a special Christmas collection.
You are now invaded (a bit like the spirit of Christmas) by this new trend that continues to grow from year to year.

The five styles of sweaters selected are to the tastes of all and can suit all types of personalities. It’s up to you to choose which one fits you best and where you will be most comfortable.

The sweater in direct reference to Noel

Here we are a fairly sober sweater, that will go with everything. The main colors of Christmas are present and we directly refer to it with the motif. For a look a little more glamorous, do not hesitate to wear it with a sequin skirt as in the photo to remember the sequins of the sweater or with leather pants. (photo

Pull 1

The famous Christmas tree! Here is a pretty classic sweater, gray with a fir tree. It is quite discreet compared to other Christmas sweaters that are found and you do not risk winning your “ugliest / funniest sweater” contest in your company … It is still very cute, and worn with a pretty skirt and heels, you can immediately make this look more glamour.

Pull 4

Or another version in shades of gray, with a subtle reference to the famous OH OH OH of Santa Claus! It will be very easy to wear.


We can not resist this Primark sweater dress, black and glitter it has a chic little side and Christmas doe is just adorable! At 20 € it’s really a good deal …

robe pull primark.jpeg

The chalet sweater

This type of sweater is perfect for people who do not dare to follow this trend and want to stay discreet while wanting to wear a Christmas sweater. The colors red, blue, white as well as the pattern of flakes, deer and sweets are all about Christmas. There are also many in dress. With a chalet-style sweater, you can even hear the crackling of the fireplace …

Humourous Christmas sweaters

Here are the sweaters that will win competitions between colleagues! Whether accessories with the antlers incorporated in the hood or with smartphone animation or simply with an emoji or a funny inscription, how to resist!

pull feu de chemine

This sweatshirt remains discreet but not too much. We are referring to Christmas thanks to the red color but especially thanks to the small antlers. It is rather intended for a look a little “casual”. However, you can wear it with a skirt or heels for a less streetwear look. It’s up to you to do as you wish. ( photo)

Pull 3

A sweater with an integrated drinking game, you will inevitably make a hit!

pull noel jeu à boire

Christmas sweaters in duo

It is quite in the mind a bit quirky to take advantage of these Christmas sweaters to be fitting with your sweetheart or your best friend.

Whether with 2 matching individual sweaters or downright 1 sweater for 2! Asos is really good for this kind of sweaters, go on this website if the concept tempts you.

Christmas sweaters for your dog

Finally, here is the famous sweater for your dog. He also has the right to be warmly dressed and celebrate the Christmas season. So give him a special Christmas sweater you will find everywhere H & M, Amazon …

We’re done with this selection of Christmas Sweater 2018, dear Fuzzy! What will yours be? Feel free to share it in comment!

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