Christmas : design fir tree

As every year, the main object of Christmas decoration is the tree! Whether large, small, false or true, real or conceptual, it is a pleasure for everyone to decorate it.
If you have no ideas of ​​decorations for your tree this year or you simply want to change your style? Here are some proposals that will please you.

The fir tree and its traditional colors

Over the years, the Christmas tree trend is to make it more purified with sober colors, some people want to let the magic of Christmas shine through traditional colors such as green, red and gold.

The large and broad family tree is something that, despite everything, persists in homes. Its traditional and family side reassures the children and continues to please many of us. On the other hand, you can still modernize it with a unique color (gold for example) and design or home-made decorative objects.
The garlands and the hair of angels make the charm of this tree and make it remain glittering during all the Christmas period.


sapin-de-noel-decoration-vert rouge.jpg

The fir tree in total wood look

The fir tree in wood total look is totally trend this year ! No need to sweep 3 times a week when he loses his thorns, no need to disassemble to store in his box until the year after. Its appearance, both cozy and modern, capsizes your hearts for good reasons. In addition, wooden fir trees are usually small, which saves space in your house or apartment.

Here is an example of wooden Christmas trees in two different forms. It’s up to you to choose which one you prefer for your home sweet home!


sapin noel bois

For the wooden tree, no need to load it in decoration, it is enough to itself. To make it look even more “magic Christmas”, go for a few Christmas balls and garlands of lights.
Nowadays you can find it everywhere, in Maison du Monde type decorating shops. If you are more creative and like the “do it yourself”, you can do it by assembling pieces of wood.

The design deco of the purified fir

The purified decoration is very fashionable since a few years now. The simplicity of the fir begins to develop, although some will prefer the traditional well-furnished decoration that reflects more for them the “magic of Christmas”, which does not prevent you from alternating from one year to another.



As you can see on this picture, for your tree to have a purified look, choose a unique and neutral color such as white, taupe or silver. Also opt for transparent glass Christmas balls that are always timeless. You can also add some partially colored white pine apples. Small garlands of white or yellow lights will perfectly complete the look of your tree by adding a sparkling touch.

The contemporary Christmas tree

The contemporary tree can also please many of you. All colors are possible. To give this look, we must take the triangular shape of the tree and hang decorations. This is reminiscent of the tradition family tradition around the fir tree but modernized. Feel free to add some lights!

This kind of fir tree is a little less known in homes but it can please many of you with its contemporary spirit and original charm. It goes very well in modern houses but also in a more traditional ones (even in cottages) to create a contrast.


This tree is a beautiful model of modern style, yet it is made of a simple wooden ladder! Like everything is about reinterpretation. With the multitude of balls, in a harmony of colors, hanging on son, the rendering is superb. This is a very good example if you like this design deco Christmas tree.

The wall Christmas tree

Finally, this last style of fir is very seen at the moment on social networks. In reality, there is no real tree because it is the wall that does everything! It is perfect for people who do not have a lot of space in their home, it is also perfect for those who do not want to use a real tree for ecological reasons.

The shape is drawn with colored tape glued to the wall or simply with the garlands and decorations hanging on the wall as if they followed the shape of a fir tree. You can also, as in this picture, find printed paintings to suspend (which you can also customize) or stickers to put on the wall or window.


The garlands are usually positioned in the shape of a “Z” on the wall and Christmas baubls enrich the fir tree triangle.

As here with an idea of deco design of Christmas tree wall that you can do that remains very sober and discreet but still gives the magic of Christmas with garlands and baubls. It is very easy to do and it don’t take much of decorations and time. This style is becoming more and more trendy and fills many Christmas and decoration fans.

Sapin mural

That was our selection of design Christmas tree ! So my Fuzzy, what kind of Christmas tree style will you adopt this year ? Feel free to share in comment!

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