Stars diploma

As you know them today, your favorite stars have not always been the actor /actresses you love so much. Some stars are famous by birth like royalties or children of stars! Others come from unknown and modest family and they become stars thanks to their efforts that led them to realize their dream of glory. But before that, they sometimes did studies that had nothing to do with their current job. Let’s discover some surprising degrees of stars …

Firstly why this article on these stars diplomas nothing to do with their acting job ? It just shows that life is made of surprises, turns, secret paths, that there is nothing engraved in the marble, that we can have a clear idea of ​​our future as a doctor, marketing consultant, firefighter and want to change lanes and that even more than once! We do not even talk about reorientation, reconversion, we talk about a life rich of many experiences. Follow your instinct, test your desires, blossom and if you wish change and change again to continue your development.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: the star with 3 Ph.D

You probably know Arnold Schwarzenegger for his muscles but not necessarily for his intelligence. Not only actor, this American star is also a politician of Austrian origin, for those who do not know, he still holds office at 70 years old! Schwarzy became a famous star thanks to the body building that allowed him to be a Hollywood star. But in the same time of his success, the star is also multi-graduate and has 3 doctorates:

  • PhD in Marketing: after high school, he studied at the University of Munich in Germany
  • PhD in Economics and International Business Management: he continued his studies in the United States at the University of Wisconsin
  • PhD in human letters: he gets it in this same American university

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most graduated Hollywood star! Thanks to the efforts he has made, he is a true hero of American action films like “Terminator”, “Arnold to conquer the West” and “Welcome to the jungle” but he also became between 2003 and 2011 the governor of California.

Eva Longoria: the ex- kinesitherapist star

Ex-companion of the basketball player Tony Parker and especially famous for its role of Gabrielle Solis in the series “Desperate Housewives” and before in the series “The Fires of the love” or “Beverly Hills 90210”, Eva Longoria is an American star which of course has not always been …

She graduated in kinesitherapy! Eva Longoria also has a Masters in Hispanic Studies at the University of California. It was at the end of her studies that she succumbs to her passion for the theater and she won the Miss Corpus Christi prize (beauty pageant) which allowed her to have a scholarship. She settled in Los Angeles, where she was spotted by a theater agent.

François-Xavier Demaison: the French star with multiple degrees

This unmissable French comedian has several degrees. He has a very unusual career because nothing destined him to become an actor. From parents lawyers, he followed their path by obtaining his baccalaureate, then he did a preparatory literary class. He followed a master’s degree in law, a master’s degree in political science at the Sorbonne and even he goes to the Paris Institute of Political Studies in the eco-finance section! In addition to his classes, he attended the Florent Theater classes in Paris, but he gave up during the IEP because his parents did not share his dreams of glory. After graduation, he was then auditor in New York in the field of international taxation.

After witnessing the attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York, he was so deeply shocked that he returned to France and begins the comedy. With the help of his former theater teachers, he staged his own show.

Natalie Portman: the star who speaks 5 languages

In the diplomas of stars, we often talk about this famous American actress. Known for her role as a child in “Leon”, after high school, she studied at Harvard in psychology and at the same time she shot in “Star Wars 2”. She has also done research in neuropsychology to show that babies understand that an object out of sight does not disappear from the world. She also studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where she studied Arabic, Hebrew, anthropology of violence as well as the history of Israel and Islam. The star speaks English, French, Spanish, German and even Japanese!

Natalie Portman has always had many opportunities for the roles to play since she was small but this star also wanted to study, his willingness to learn is admirable.

Rowan Atkinson, aka Mr. Bean, the star electrical engineer

This British star, well known for his role as Mr. Bean, has not always been the silent and extrovert character he plays as you know him. He has a double degree from New Castle University and Oxford University. He holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and has a background in Electrical Engineering. Despite his diplomas, the star has always been passionate about cinema and theater and founded Mr. Bean’s character with screenwriter Richard Curtis, whom he met during his studies.

We hope that our article on the diplomas of stars pleased you and will have convinced you that no way is fixed and that a diploma is simply a learned knowledge.

A little quote from Gandhi for you, dear Fuzzy: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever”

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