The importance of the morning routine

What is a morning routine? It is the set of actions done on awakening, which motivates you to get up and start the day. A good homemade smoothie, a quiet breakfast, doing yoga or your workout, applying body care or choosing your outfit are all elements you need to start your day.

Every day is important so even if you do not have anything special to do during this day, do not miss out on your morning routine, especially if you are not in the morning, as this will motivate you. “The day belongs to those who get up early! “

First a good night’s sleep

As we explained in our previous article on our article “how to sleep better?”, It is necessary to sleep well to be fit all day long to do everything we have to do without being exhausted and enjoy every moment. Nothing is more annoying than having a big shot in the middle of the day.

To sleep properly, it is necessary for many people to sleep about 8 hours per night to have all the energy needed before attacking the day. For that, take good habits every night (a bit like an evening routine!) To have the time to sleep and have quality sleep until the next morning.

TIP: practice breathing with the belly and not with the bust. A good breathing is the basis of a good sleep because it must be deep and very regular. Indeed, any tension, stress or apnea are the main factors related to sleep problems.

The importance of the morning routine right out of bed

To put a good foundation at the beginning of your day, it takes a good morning routine to be on top all day, we advise you to start by drinking a large glass of water on waking to hydrate your body from the beginning of the day. day. The benefits of water are known to be vital, so it is good for your body to receive it in the morning.

Then we advise you not to get up too fast without staying too long in bed so as not to procrastinate all you have to do if your day is busy. When you open your eyes, look at the time to find out how long you have slept. If it’s 8 hours or more, your body has had enough rest and it’s time to gently turn it on to continue your day. Take your time to get on your feet, do not bother to jump up to make a fuss right after!

Air all your habitat to renew the air that is there because the freshness will help you wake up more. If you are with us so far, you are well awake and ready to start your morning routine to be on top all day!

Body Awakening Activities for your Morning Routine

In our article “Sports good for health“, we talked about the benefits of yoga on the body and mind but also swimming because these two activities aim to gently wake up your muscles and improve your blood circulation.

You can also go for a good workout to work on your cardio, build up your muscles and wake up well before doing everything you have to do afterwards. It is important to be good in your head to be well in your body so do not neglect the morning sports activities (the morning being the best time to play sports) if you have the time because they will help you to be in harmony with your body, which will put you in a good mood and start your day beautifully!

TIP: Eat rather after the sport to feed your body with the stress, before it will hinder your digestion.

The importance of breakfast in your morning routine

In the morning it is important for your body to get all the energy it needs so do not find excuses to skip the breakfast stage which is essential in your morning routine to be on top all day. Culturally in France, the bread / croissant + coffee + orange juice is actually nutritatively quite bad.

Nutrition question, for a morning routine of hell and be on top all day, you need:

  • Animal proteins: like 1 or 2 boiled eggs (preferably organic or farm eggs). You can also vary in terms of animal protein with a goat yogurt.
  • Hazelnuts, almonds, nuts: indeed it is important to eat good fat at breakfast. The nut and almond blend brings you omega 3, magnesium and fiber. If you feel like it, avocado or salmon are also rich in quality fat.
  • A fruit and not fruit juice, because it will miss the fibers of the fruit, which reduce the speed of assimilation of sugars.
  • Tea is also an excellent item to include in your diet if it is not yet the case because theine brings you energy as caffeine if you do not like the bitterness of coffee and its content in water will help you drink the 1.5L that you may not be able to consume on a daily basis.
  • If your breakfast contains enough protein and fat quality, the cereal intake is quite optional. If you really can not live without, be sure to choose them. Choose sourdough bread with whole wheat flour or traditional muesli, and let white bread, sandwich bread, puffed cereal and rusks with a very high glycemic index.

Fashion and beauty in your morning routine

Our tip is to prepare your outfit the day before, so as not to clutter your mind with which pants with which top with which shoe with which jacket with which bag etc! Do yourself some good and take 5 minutes the day before to decide according to the weather, your program and your needs what is the best outfit, the one that will make you feel good and that you will find with pleasure when you wake up.

When you arrive in your bathroom, you must of course wash and find your favorite cosmetics. Our section “Beauty” gives you lots of advice on body care for gorgeous hair, preparation of makeup, beautiful skin.

It is interesting to move in a clear, uncluttered space where you feel good. Think from time to time to put order in your apartment: a key fengshui.