What bra to wear with a backless ?

Of course we could tell you that you can do without this bra when you fall on a beautiful backless, but if it was so easy you would have already done! The shy persons, the generous breasts, the addicts to the maintenance … can not live without a bra but do not want to give up a nice neckline in the back. We will see together what are the few solutions available to you …

The question that must be asked first is: do we want to see the bra in the middle of the back ?
The first reaction is NO, since the principle of the back-naked is precisely to clear the view!

But if on chic clothes / evening dresses, it is sad to spoil the aesthetics of the outfit by an apparent bra, the question may arise on more casual looks where we may want to play on the details.

Of course this article is based on the assumption that you want a really naked back and that the outfit you chose does not have integrated support (which would be the ideal solution!).

Bra and backless: dedicated bra

First of all there is the option of dedicated bras, there is:

  • adhesives (only for small breasts)
  • crossed straps that allow a more or less deep backless
  • the “invisible” plastic straps (it’s still quite visible, even if you take them matte, they mark the skin, the material is second rate)

astuce dos nu soutien gorge

Bra and backless: convertible bras

Then there is the option of “converters” bra, ie hooks or straps to add to your existing bra.

If you are a fan of back-naked, invest in a dedicated bra rather than regularly transform the “normal” because it may distend it prematurely.

convertisseur soutien gorge dos nus

Bra and backless: personalized bras!

Let’s go to the hypothesis where you’re not against the fact that we see the bra as long as it looks pretty.
Then you can play with the crossed braids seen seen before or opt for a bra with a game of lace (or even just a headband of lace, but again only small breasts can afford it).

soutien gorge parfait pour dos nu

Or buy a hid-clip, there are many choices at Le Bow Paris (14 €) and some at Princess TamTam (9 €) and of course on A Little Market and Etsy.
I find this solution quite great: you customize your look, you sublimate the necessary support, you do not ruin yourself !
One can be casual with a sweater, basic chic in black or surprising with a touch of color.

papillon soutien gorge dos nu

joli dos nu avec soutien gorge