French movie “I am not an easy man”

“Je ne suis pas un homme facile” in english “I’m not an easy man” is a French comedy released this year on Netflix. This is also the first French film shot for the platform. Directed by Éléonore Pourriat, we really enjoyed this film and we will explain why.

What is it about I’m not an easy man?

The film starring Vincent Elbaz as Damien, a man a little macho who is used to chain conquests. This perfect misogynist has a good life until the day he bangs his head. A bit too strong because he wakes up in a world totally different from what he has always known.

Because in I am not an easy man, the role of men and women are reversed. Men wear dresses, epilate, are totally subject to the whims of their spouses, are whistled and dredged heavily. The film portrays a matriarchal world and Damien, rebellious, discovers very quickly what is harassment.

He will have to adapt and struggle in this world that he does not understand. He will meet Alexandra, played by Marie-Sophie Ferdane, a woman who looks exactly like he was. Seductive, feminist, almost “misandric”, Alexandra will gradually erase Damien until becoming the main character of the film.

Why watching I am not an easy man?

The universe unfolded around the film is almost caricatural by the clichés exposed and pushed to the absurd, but it is also extremely realistic, because Damien lives the same things that many women feel. An almost permanent fear, the impression of being an object, of being devalued, Damien thus experiences the harassment as it is lived by so many people, and thus puts himself in the place of the women he had a tendency to harass. The director has disseminated a lot of details sometimes so subtle that we barely notice but add to the realism of this film yet very parodic.

I am not an easy man is a very committed film. The director points to the obvious absurdity of the situations shown on the screen and makes us think about the real situations criticized by the film. Because if it is obvious that Damien’s situation is revolting, why would all those harassed women be acceptable?

Thus, the message of the director is distilled with humor and diplomacy but with conviction and brio. The film is flawless by its quality, Netflix gave a lot of freedom to Eleanor Pourriat to do what she wanted in terms of casting, screenplay and directing. This movie is very well put together, the actors play without a false note.

So we can only recommend this original film that will show you in another light the world around us.

This movie is reminiscent of his French short film Oppressed Majority which evokes the same theme. Short film that is also very successful, but we let you judge:

Good movie, dear Fuzzy!

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