How to have great curly hair ?

A beautiful mane, we all dream … Curly hair can be a calvary to style, especially long with knots that arrive much faster than with smooth hair, soft and fine. All the interest of our article on maintenance to have beautiful curly hair so you can unravel and make beautiful hairstyles to perfect your look. Join the “curly hair” team and here are our tips!

Some hydration tips for your curly hair

Curly hair is part of the driest type of hair, so it is very important for curly hair to be well hydrated to be revitalized and to avoid pitchforks, knots and dryness. For this, there are many oils, masks, and serums for this type of hair that have very moisturizing virtues (brands KERASTASE, SCHWARTZKOPF or LOGONA if you prefer organic).

Our tip to have sublime curls is to apply daily on hair moistened with a spray a moisturizer without rinsing to gain shine and flexibility.

We can also advise you to do once a week, the day before your shampoo, an application of mixtures of serums of monoi, argan oil and shea butter on your hair before attaching them and put a charlotte, a scarf or food film before going to sleep.

Our tip before going to the sea or pool can also serve you: apply oil on your loops to protect them from salt and chlorine with a bottle of oil applicator very useful and hygienic to apply the oils and serum in your hair because it allows dosing without putting his hands full.

How to untangle his curly hair?

To style your curly hair everyday is simple … Just do not do it! In fact with your brush you may damage your curls and break your hair. Passing a comb with very large teeth, or just your fingers in your dry hair will be enough to restore a shape to your hairstyle.

In fact the only time you can actually unravel your curly hair is at the time of shampooing, before rinsing it always with a wide-toothed comb so as not to attack your lengths. For drying, prefer to let your curly hair dry in the open air to not weaken them, or to dry them with a conditioner added to your hair dryer to give them a nice shape without over-attacking them. .

Tip: The Teezer tangle brush helps to untangle the hair without pain, those who have tested it have adopted! (to use on wet hair all the same for curly hair)

How to redefine her curly hair?

Whoever says curly hair often says messy hair on waking. Nothing is more annoying than waking up in the morning with a tangled tuft and dry hair. For this, the solution is really to use the right products at the time of washing. Adopting specific products, there are special shampoos like KERASOIN or ACTIVILONG designed not to attack the hair fiber and which ensure that you have bouncy and homogeneous curls until the next shampoo.

Besides, here’s another beauty tip: do not wash your hair every day!
Space your washes not to spoil your hair and maintain your curls longer because they are better on hair a little dirty (ditto if you want to work in a bun). For an even better hold and a more important spring of your curls, we can advise you to apply a hazelnut of conditioner on your lengths without rinsing it.
Some will recommend after the shower, the heating cap to put in the microwave, which will keep your hair curly better than a hot towel!

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What hairstyle do curly hair do?

The problem of curly hair is that they lose length because they go back and are bulky. Do not worry, it is still possible to make simple hairstyles, pretty and fast for any occasion and season! First of all before thinking hairstyle, you can think cut! So try the wavy square that will allow you to have your hair loose and show off your beautiful curls.

To match your hairstyle to your outfit, think that a nice hairstyle will always bring punch to your style. You can tie them in half-bun, high ponytail or messy bun that can be worn everyday and are very easy to do. For other more formal occasions such as weddings, baptisms or birthdays, you can opt for the “one shoulder”, the banana bun or the braided crown that will give you a more distinguished and perfect appearance for these events.

Our tip to make a hairstyle in your curly hair: use pins because they allow to hold your hairstyle without deforming your curls and are very discreet so we strongly recommend them!

If you want to give a nice shape to your curly hair without too much work, you can braid them on wet hair and wait a few hours they are dry (spend the night with for example).

You also have the “flexi rods” are curlers, they will allow a maintenance of the loop and you can leave them all the night on dry hair to have pretty bouncy curls the next day.