How to wear a crop top ?

The crop top (this short top that reaches above the navel) is certainly a high appreciated in summer but it is also present for your fall! To wear as well with wide pants, a skirt or shorts, there are several materials and shapes of crop top, Here are our suggestions for this basic new must have!

(Francesco Procopio photographer / crop top and NastyGal pants, Zara perfecto, H & M pompom earrings, Moa bag, Buffalo heels)

How to wear the crop top and its different styles?

So let’s see that there are many ways to wear the crop top according to the style you like:

  • In the evening, you can take your crop top of the summer, under a perfecto or a suit jacket (as pictured at the head of the article).
  • Totally in the streetwear trend, the crop top sweatshirt is the short version of a sweatshirt sweater often with a hood.
  • The crop top in autumn is great with high-waisted pants or skirt / shorts. It will also allow you to not be too cold.
  • A very nice, chic and warm look is a crop top sweater on a dress.

Mannequin wearing a green top and a golden skirt

How to wear the crop top sweatshirt during the day

To wear the crop top during the day, this fall is very easy.

Sets with crop top

There is a lot of set with top and pant. Whether sets of twisted wool pants and crop top sweater that is absolutely everywhere now or also jogging style (if we find everywhere crop sweat, logical to find sets!).

The looks with crop top

A crop top pullover (burgundy, yellow, pink, blue, khaki …) on a white shirt and jeans is a real super trendy look, chic and hot!

Think of a cropped jumper with a skater skirt for a little baby doll look.

And think of the accessories: some jewels and a hat (the gavroche or the cap of officer are present this season!).

How to wear the crop top in the evening

At nightfall (which happens quickly in autumn!), You should not catch cold. Falling temperatures are also the perfect time to have fun with overlays and perfect one-piece look.

So opt for a crop with a tailor jacket or perfecto or trench or faux fur, here are some ideas:

  • A black crop with a leopard suit jacket and slim black jeans and black suede boots.
  • A high-waisted skirt and cropped knit dress near the white body under a beige trench and a brown tartan scarf and camel boots, it’s a no-fault.
  • And why not a crop top all in sequins to shine in the evening, with leather pants.

Mannequin wearing a white crop top and matching white pants

Which crop top to choose: solid color or patterned?

As we had said in our article on wide pants, it is more aesthetic to wear either a patterned bottom or a patterned top to avoid to overload your look with uncontrolled patterns …

How to wear the crop top with a solid color

Enjoy yourself with pants / shorts / skirt with flowers, with cashmere, stars, with ethnic symbols … everything will go with a crop top! Or simply a solid color up and down with contrasts (red crop and gray tweed pants) or shades (soft yellow crop and leopard pants).

How to wear the crop top

Choose a plain color skirt/pants with a colorful crop top or crop with message to be even more original. Once the shape, the material and the chosen print of your crop, a basic stocking and you are adorned!

The crop top is simply the short version of a top, the possibilities are endless to create looks, so do not hesitate, dear Fuzzy, to please you and share your looks on our social networks.

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Mannequin wearing a red crop top, beige pants and red boots

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