Strasbourg : gastronomic restaurants

Here, dear gourmand and gourmet Fuzzy, a selection of gastronomic restaurants in Strasbourg, the European and Alsatian capital, who knows how to wheat your appetite.

Short presentation of Strasbourg: it is a cosmopolitan European city bordering Germany (2 km from Kehl, its twin German city accessible by tram). This city, full of history, is very appreciated by its residents of course but also by the international tourists. It is also the second largest student city after Paris. Its architecture, its neighborhoods declared heritage of Unesco in 1988 for the “grande Ile” and in 2017 for the Neustadt, the district of the European institutions, its beautiful parks and monuments inspire to the four corners of the world. The Alsatian gastronomy is of course well represented in Strasbourg and those who come to discover Alsace and the city remember it, however this type of restaurants is called Winstub and will be the subject of another article because today it is the high places of French gastronomy that interests us!

Gastronomic restaurant in Strasbourg «The 1741»

To start our selection of gourmet restaurants in Strasbourg, we meet you at 22 Quai des Bateliers (from Thursday to Monday for lunch and diner) to enjoy delicious meals in this elegant boudoir style restaurant.

Example: the “Discovery” menu at 99 € from 1741:

  • Appetizer
  • Eel and crayfish, like a crunchy cake, Natua infused with lemon balm
  • Line hake, slowly cooked fillet, coconut bean, tomato fish stock
  • Roe deer from Alsace, fillet cooked in saltire, chanterelle mushrooms, red cabbage
  • Apricot, honey biscuit, pickled apricots, almonds, rosemary apricot sorbet

The restaurant has a wine cellar of 12000 bottles.

For the amateurs, the establishment proposes gift vouchers which will be able to please your friends if you make them discover. (photo restaurant at the head of the article)

TRIPADVISOR: 567 reviews “excellent” and 148 “very good” of 809 reviews.

Gastronomic restaurant Strasbourg “Au Crododile”

Another must-visit gastronomic restaurant in Strasbourg: the Crocodile at 10 rue de l’Outre. Open from Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and diner, you can enjoy high cooking with good local products such as rhubarb Alsace in spring!

Bought in 2015 by Cédric Moulot, also owner of 1741, the establishment finds its colors of yesteryear. In May 2017 he trusted a young professional couple, Franck Pelux and Sarah Benahmed, whose experience is international.

Example: the menu “Gourmet Interpretation” in 4 acts at 108 €:

  • Terrine of duck foie gras, smoked duck breast with verjuice
  • Beautiful Breton lobster in memory of Asia
  • Poached pike perch, fermented almond mousse and extraction of sauerkraut juice
  • Selection of ripened cheeses by Cyrille Lorho MOF 2007
  • Association between the apple of Alsace and the vanilla of Tahiti, suspicion of combawa

TRIPADVISOR: 924 reviews “Excellent” and 190 “Very good” out of 1259 reviews.

Gastronomic restaurant in Strasbourg «Buerehiesel»

This gastronomic restaurant in Strasbourg is an elegant half-timbered house with glass roof and terraces, which is located in the enchanting setting of the Parc de l’Orangerie. The setting alone is an invitation to the tranquil pleasures of life. Everything is done so that you spend a delicious moment with the kitchen of Eric Westermann, and for lunch and diner from Tuesday to Saturday.

Example: the “Expression” menu at 72 €:

  • Appetizer
  • Smoked eel fillet glazed with teriyaki, orange and delicate cream of cauliflower
  • Pike of our rivers back cooked like a matelote, crispy dumplings, game of cabbage, reduced sauerkraut cream
  • Challans duck Burgaud, fillet cooked on boat, vegetables from Marthe, wild mushrooms, deglazing with raspberry vinegar
  • Grapefruit, hot soufflé and sorbet, Campari granita

TRIPADVISOR: 400 reviews “excellent” and 142 “very good” out of 648 reviews.

Gastronomic restaurant Strasbourg “La Casserole”

Located at 24 rue des Juifs, this gourmet restaurant in Strasbourg belongs to Cédric Kuster, a former director of the Crocodile, who will welcome you (Tuesday to Saturday lunch and dinner) in a restaurant with a contemporary and elegant design.

Example: the “Discovery” menu at 102 €:

  • Homemade Schmitt farm duck foie gras, made with muscovado pippin, toasted hazelnut crumble
  • Carpaccio octopus just warmed, ginger fennel and chorizo ​​oil cuttlefish emulsion
    Filet of lean, cream of black pudding with cider, roasted apple, kohlrabi and stress with nuts
  • Square of veal from Aveyron, vegetable garden, full-bodied juice
  • Fine cheese platter by Cyrille Lorho MOF 2007
  • Apple and caramel apple in the spirit of a crunchy morning pie

Want to enjoy Cédric Kuster’s cuisine at home with your friends? The “Casserole: chef at home” takes care of everything between 2 and 20 guests!

TRIPADVISOR: 199 reviews “excellent” and 69 “very good” out of 320 reviews.

Gastronomic restaurant in Strasbourg «The Violin of Ingres»

From Tuesday to Friday lunch and dinner, as well as Saturday evening and Sunday lunch, the “Violon d’Ingres”, located at 1 rue du Chevalier Robert, welcomes you. Chef Eric Meyer will delight you with his sophisticated and renewed Alsatian cooking.

Example: the “Inspiration” menu at 54 €:

  • Gravlax of trout and Arctic char, hummus and citrus vinaigrette
  • Market fish, stuffed piquillos, aniseed sauce
  • Roast quail boneless, stuffed, purée and parsnip
  • Lemon in trompe l’oeil, marshmallow with lime

TRIPADVISOR: 132 reviews “excellent” and 44 “very good” out of 204 reviews.

Feel free to visit the websites of these restaurants to have a look at the other menus. Bon appetit dear Fuzzy!

If you prefer the capital, we have concocted a small Top 5 restaurant terraces in Paris. To be read without moderation!

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