Deco trend of the Egg

Yes we agree the egg is first and foremost a food! But it is so inspiring that for a very long time it has been recreated and reinvented in design in small or large size for our greatest happiness. Want to know more about this funny, roundness and deco trend of the egg? It’s this way !

Deco trend of the egg: its history

Whether small and natural or reproduced in various materials or customized the time of a decoration at Easter, or be bigger and become a chair, itself declined to infinity. The egg is undoubtedly a beautiful source of inspiration in interior decoration.

So inspiring, that one can wonder about the creativity or the egg that came first! It is a timeless decoration and thus a perpetual creative restart as you will have understood the story of the egg and the chicken!

Of course everything begins at its origin dating back to ancient times. In the spring, it was traditional to offer eggs to celebrate the renewal of nature in the spring. The Egyptians saw it as a lucky charm.

Easter eggs appear in the 5th century. The eggs were then painted red or other very bright colors, they were eaten after breaking his shell against the egg of his neighbor, a little as if we were drunk. This tradition has evolved over the centuries. In Russia, for example, eggs are decorated with wax and dye, a technique called “pissanka”.

In the Renaissance, the royal families and the great noble families began to offer eggs decorated with sophistication: precious stones, gold, painted by great artists.
For example, the eggs offered by Edward I of England to his family were decorated with gold leaf.
In any case, the eggs offered were either real eggs or decorative objects in the shape of an egg.

At the end of the 19th century, Fabergé‘s famous eggs arrive at the imperial court of Russia. Alexander III decides to offer the 1st of these world-famous eggs to his wife Maria Fedorovna. Pierre-Karl Fabergé, the Russian jeweler, has created in all more than fifty of these extraordinary eggs made from precious metals and decorated with precious stones and enamel.

Deco trend of the egg: a small contemporary object

Today this deco trend of the egg is still present if we pay attention. In flea markets, in antique shops but also in many decorative shops, some people also do collection.

Inspired by Fabergé, or reminiscent of Russian easter eggs, these small items give a touch of sweetness to your decor. Sometimes they can open and hide a jewel, a sweet word or your child’s baby teeth!

TIP: Feel free to make the decorations yourself:

  • Take wooden, plastic, polystyrene egg reproductions …
  • You can paint them, carve them.
  • Then add them fabrics, lace, ribbons, sequins, pearls …

Imagination is your only limit so make fun! You will find plenty of DIY videos on Youtube.

Decorative trend of the egg: the famous chair

Arne Jacobsen, a Danish architect and designer, designed the egg chair (or Egg Chair) for the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in 1958. This chair is today one of the great classics of industrial design and pop art.

Here is another example of the amazing and ever-changing decoration trend of the egg. This chair is a work that perfectly blends aesthetics and comfort with the ultra recognizable features of its original inspiration: the shell becomes molded fiberglass and the foot is swivel to keep the 360 ​​° spirit.

If you choose this chair or one of its variations you will bring a delicate pop art touch to your home sweet home. There is a multitude of variations around egg chairs, some are very close to the original model, still produced and sold by the company Fritz Hansen, while others still declines with imagination still around its shape so recognizable but with varied trends like hanging garden chairs.

Today, there are more than a hundred chair styles that resemble Arne Jacobsen’s model, such as the “Hanging Egg Chair” designed by Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel in 1957 or the “Garden Egg Chair” designed by Peter Ghyczy in 1968.

If this deco trend of the egg inspires you: small or large you will surely find the object that suits you!

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