How to sleep better ?

Sleeping is necessary for the human being, it is part of the vital functions of our organism. We sleep an average of 8 hours a night and you can see, when you have less or less quality sleep, that you are in bad mood, less effective and eventually you fall more easily sick. Our idea is to give you some keys on “how to sleep better?” : so your nights will be sweet and efficient!

How to sleep better: which diet?

To sleep better, sometimes you have to eat better. Indeed a healthy diet allows easy digestion and therefore a more peaceful sleep. We advise you not to eat too rich or too late (leave 2 hours between the last meal and bedtime).

If possible it is beneficial to try to eat at the same times each night. This allows you to pace your body in its diet and sleep.

IDEA: Drinking herbal tea during your evening will have a good impact on your sleep. Choose the aroma that tempts you or its benefits. Add a few drops of orange blossom for a greedy and soothing side!

How to sleep better: what evening activities?

Take a hot bath

Nothing beats a good bath to relax your day and relax before going to bed! Make in a moment to you: with effervescent balls or pearls of oil, bath salts and / or a few drops of essential oils.

The bath that will relax you ideally is at the right temperature, of course you do not want a cold bath but it should not be too hot (no more than 37 degree Celsius) either otherwise you risk dehydration and vasodilation. It would be a pity to be uncomfortable when you wanted to sleep better!

Be zen

Of course it’s easier said than done. Having positive thoughts during the evening and even when going to bed will help you sleep better. If you have had a bit of a hard time in the day or in recent times, relativize because to rehash will be useless. Anyway tomorrow is another day!

Avoid the sport

When you’re wondering how to sleep better, it’s good to have in mind that stimulate your body before you sleep. You may think that the sport will exhaust you and help you sleep better, but it’s the opposite because it will give you energy.

The practice of a good health sport is recommended in the morning in your morning routine. If your schedule allows you to do it at night, choose the early evening, just to have a few hours between sports and bedtime.

How to sleep better: which essential oils and mists?

Here is a very good idea to sleep better. The essential oils and mists will help you relax with their sweet scent, you will feel soothed before and during your sleep. Its direct action aims to reduce your stress, which is often the # 1 cause of poor quality sleep.

How to sleep better with essential oils: 3 options

  • Put a few drops of essential oils on your pillow and your sheets, there are also sprays. Make the 30 minutes before going to bed so that the smell permeates your bed but you are not in direct contact either.
  • Take a diffuser or a burner of essential oils to perfume your room, also 1 / 2h before so that the smell is not too strong, and be sure to turn off the burner before going to bed.
  • Put a few drops of essential oil on your wrists or temples.

Suggestions of essential oils to sleep better

  • PURESSENTIEL: this aerial spray of 41 essential oils 100% natural is terribly effective, it is acaricide, bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal. It cleans the air of any room where it is vaporized. Its scent is very pleasant, so it is multi functions for your health and your sleep. You find it from 7 euros on the internet, in drugstore, pharmacy …
  • VITALBA: between 5 and 15 euros, choose your scent of essential oil: tropical basil or cinnamon Ceylon …
  • DISTILLERIE LUEUR DU SUD: peppermint, lime from Brazil … here are some essential oils of very good qualities for 5 euros.
  • DISTILLERIE BLEU PROVENCE: of course you will find delicate essential oils with the beautiful natural scents of Provence that will soothe you to sleep better.

How to sleep better: What time to sleep?

Now that we have seen how to put ourselves in good condition and to best prepare for his falling asleep, it may still be necessary to know what time to go to bed.

Often our wake up time is imposed by the organization of the day, so we can start from this data to calculate our bedtime. Of course we have the national average of 8 hours a day and we are often told that the hours before midnight are the best, but remember that everyone has their own needs, different from their neighbor.

What is your chronotype? Are you more like a night owl or early bird? It is rather genetic as an answer, keeping in mind that if you work for years getting up early, you could become someone “in the morning”!

If you want to determine your perfect number of hours of sleep. You need 2 weeks of vacation, the 1st week will allow you to recover from your fatigue and the 2nd week will show you how your body regulates itself. If you listen to him he will tell you when to go to sleep and wake up when he has his sleep count.

How to sleep better: no electronic objects!

We are here, you are about to go to bed. So put your phone on airplane mode failing to turn it off. Ditto for your tablet, computer …

Moreover to rest your eyes and your brain, it would be necessary that you stop any interaction with your electronic objects at least an hour before going to bed: no television until you fall asleep, no sms on ‘pillow, no last look at an application!

Do not have any electronic objects in the bedroom, it will prevent the wave propagation and you will sleep much better! If your mobile phone serves as your alarm clock, put it in airplane mode or buy an alarm clock 🙂

Nowadays, it is a necessary step even if for some it can be difficult. It is a real base to sleep better, if you have a hard time motivating you, take the test a few times and you will find this sleep so restorative that you will win, this energy found during your days!

Good night Fuzzy!