Seasonal fruits and vegetables

As you know, we are advised to eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day and if possible with diversity to vary the pleasures and enjoy the benefits of various fruits and vegetables. Depending on the season, varieties of fruits and vegetables appear and disappear from the shelves. It is true that you will be able to find fruits and vegetables from winter in summer or from summer in winter but it is because they will be greenhouse grown GMOs or they made the tour of the planet to be in front of you. It is more respectful of the planet, healthier for your body and therefore eco-responsible to prefer in our meals the fruits and vegetables of season.

IDEE for seasonal fruits and vegetables: think smoothie at breakfast or afternoon tea!

  • Wash fruits and some vegetables,
  • possibly precut them,
  • put them in the mixer,
  • add milk or natural yogurt according to the texture you want,
  • add if you like some mint leaves and ice cubes
  • and mix.

Good tasting ! PS: berries like blueberry or blueberry are even super foods, so do not hesitate.

Seasonal fruits

Let’s start where we are, ie in autumn with some idea of ​​fruits …

Autumn fruits

  • Clementine and mandarin: you can carry them so they are practical in case of little hunger
  • The exotic fruits: persimmon, pomegranate, papaya (of course they will be a little harder to find locally, just like the pineapple that we site a little further).
  • Pineapple: for dessert or sweet salty in a main course, this fruit is great to make your plate quite greedy.
  • Apple and pear: as well in compote as in dice in your salad!
  • Grapes: green or red, it gives a little pep to your salad and in good frenchy, you can not do without a plate of cheese.
  • Grapefruit: in the morning it gives energy to start the day well and even burn fat.

Winter fruits

  • Citrus fruits: grapefruit, orange, blood orange and clementine.
  • Cranberry: if you do not see what it looks like a small cherry tomato, it has beautiful antioxidant virtues.

Spring fruits

  • Strawberry and rhubarb: pie or compote or simply with a little whipped cream, our spring would not be the same without them!
  • Kiwi: at breakfast, it will give you a lot of vitamins.
  • Lychee: this Asian exotic fruit is succulent but you will understand that its exotic appearance is not very eco responsible with its flight to get to you).

Summer fruits

  • Red fruits: strawberry, raspberry, cherry, currants, blackberry, blueberry
  • Fig: delicious at the end of summer, it adds color to your savory or sweet dishes.
  • Watermelon and melon: very refreshing, these fruits are ideal for summer!
    GOURMET IDEA for seasonal fruits and vegetables: we are no longer presenting the duo melon / smoked ham, which is just a must for your summer aperitifs
  • Apricots and bananas: in fruit salad or just to eat at 10 or 16h, banana is also top in the morning by mixing with walnut oil and a little cinnamon, it’s great for your body!
  • Lemon: one of the great favorites of the kitchen and drinks! To make a lemonade for example: pour the lemon juice in a carafe, add water, a little sugar and ice cubes, let rest 1 hour in the fridge and enjoy!

Seasonal vegetables

In the fruits and vegetables of the season, you had the fruits, here are the vegetables!

Autumn vegetables

  • Pumpkin: yes, it’s halloween! Enjoy decorating cuts to keep the pulp and make a good soup.
  • Beets and turnips: the beet is often a good idea for starters or diced to change into a salad, and the turnip is easily found everywhere as in ratatouille.
  • Pumpkin, squash, carrot and potato: do you prefer them in mashed potatoes or soup? In both cases, but also with other cooking, it’s delicious!

Winter vegetables

  • Endive: you know it often cooked in a slice of ham, but also raw in salad.
  • Leek: mixed in soups, or in salted pie with a little goat cheese!
  • Carrots and cabbage: grated raw or cooked, they bring a touch of color to the carrot, texture and a very sweet taste that goes well.
  • Lettuce and lamb’s lettuce: in lettuce base you will think about lettuce and / or lamb’s lettuce, but also spinach sprouts, arugula …

Spring vegetables

  • Garlic : white, pink, purple, red, rubbed on bread, raw, cooked, braised, whole, chopped, it is a bulb that is harvested in june july and that you can keep all the year. With its many benefits, it is part of the super foods!
  • Onion : it also keeps all the year, believed in salad or cooked, even simmered it certainly brings a lot of taste to your plates.
  • Peas : of course you know the famous peas / carrots … The peas are also perfect to give color and texture to risotto, lasagna, Cantonese rice or in salty cakes …
  • Cucumber : in salad or sticks for your aperitifs, in cube, rondelles or sliced, it is perfect for the summer season.
  • Asparagus : in all restaurants and markets in the spring, you can not miss it!

Summer vegetables

  • Cabbage: whether raw or cooked, it is excellent for health.
  • Pepper: green, yellow, red, so many colors and taste for your plates.
  • Artichokes, green beans, zucchini, spinach and broccoli: green vegetables are full of benefits with their high fiber, protein and vitamins.
  • Celery and radish: tip top to eat for appetizers or aperitifs. Mashed celery is also a very good idea to accompany your dishes.

We hope these suggestions of seasonal fruits and vegetables will have inspired you dear Fuzzy! See you soon to discover some more of these foods.

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