High boots looks 2018

With this autumn full of sun and mild temperatures, we all want to play extra time with our skirts and shorts and what better way to get out our high boots ? Here are some great high boots looks for autumn 2018 that are super easy to recreate!

High boots lookbook 2018 : How to wear them?

The high boots are back for a few years already and it is still appreciated especially in mid season. For some who might hesitate to put it with a mini skirt or shorts because of the apprehension to look too sexy, even vulgar, do not worry, all is about the right balance to wear looks in high boots.

For clothes, pay attention to :

  • the materials : noble (silk, leather, cashmere) or modern (neoprene, technical mesh …)
  • the colors (black, camel, burgundy, blue …)
  • the cut of the skirt : the simplest is to bet on a skater cut or at least flared or loose or straight.

For high boots, to wear with a maximum of looks, it is better to opt for a unique color (black, brown, taupe) in leather or suede and with a quite sober look.

About the tights : if it’s good weather you can going bare legs, otherwise opaque black tights or semi opaque or a plumetis tights (like with the denim dress in the photo below). We will be more careful with fishnet tights or printed lace or leopard or others, that will have to be more assumed or with a rather sober look around. In all cases, dear Fuzzy, have fun and comfort in your high boots!

super tenue en jupe et cuissarde

TIP: If you do not have high boots, take some very tall socks of the same color as your low boots. This will give you a preppy, sensual and casual look!

High boots Lookbook 2018 : What Outfits?

At the head of the article, it’s actually the only shorts you’ll see in this selection, it’s a lace shorts, with a raspberry red suede perfecto t-shirt and suede high boots. See how you can combine high boots, lace shorts and red perfecto without any worries! (Photo at head of article: credit photo Francesco Procopio)

The style below is very modern chic rock’n roll. We love the mix of materials with cuffs that match the belt, the skirt with worked panels, the raglan sweater with various effects, leather boots with heels and the pocket and sunglass. This high boots look highlights the “power attitude” that radiates this young woman!

comment porter une jupe avec cuissarde

Below, the star is the bi-colored skirt in a girly chic style. It’s a very timeless look with a little black wool turtleneck sweater and crocodile style pocket to give a little peps.

aimer la jupe avec les cuissardes

Let’s see a colorful high boots look: this young woman wears a red tartan dress with a tulle petticoat. She adds a black leather biker jacket, a half-fur-whool gray scarf and a black tights!
We note that the high boots are a beautiful sand color with a lacing which is contrasting and neutral, that perfectly finishes this preppy rock look !

look en jupe cuissardes

With these two high boots looks below, the idea is simply to show you that being sober can be chic, sensual and trendy: mini skirt (even leather), high high boots and a uniq color sweater with an statement necklace. You can even have fun with a burgundy, khaki, pink sweater or blouse …

trouver sa jupe pour les cuissardes

The easiest way to avoid fashion slip with high boots looks is simply to wear a wide sweater with your skirt! You can also pull the sweater into the front of the skirt. Below is a knitted sweater on a black skirt, but you can also put a loose red sweater on a black skirt.

jupe parfaite pour cuissarde

Or as here with a sweater on a sweater-dress with a maxi bag all fur.

toutes les jupes et cuissardes

This is the video corresponding to this article :

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