Sports good for health

As you already know, regular sport is essential for your health. It helps you reduce stress and a lot of diseases. Let’s see together our top 5 sports good for health!

It is important to remember that playing sports is good, playing sports and having a healthy diet is better. Balanced diet is your best health ally. We will even go further, if you feed poorly, you can do as much sport as you want, it will not help much.

1 / Sports Good for Health: Yoga

It is the trendy activity and totally acclaimed by VIPs, supermodels, celebrities etc etc! And it’s not for nothing … Known for being “Zen”, this sport is almost a way of life.

A lot of work is done on breathing, so your breath, often underestimated, improves. Increased your concentration, your flexibility, strengthening your whole body and reducing stress, this activity is our favorite.

There are several types of yoga, so you will undoubtedly find one that suits you. Moreover, to those who imagine a boring yoga that is not muscle, sign up for an Ashtanga Yoga session and you will surely change your mind!

2 / Sports good for health: Dance

If you want to lose weight and have fun, dance is for you. Your heart rate and your breathing will improve. In our selection of sports good for health, it is undoubtedly the most artistic activity, it will bring you a great dynamism.

With the warm ups and stretches at the beginning and end of class, you will see your flexibility increase and you will gain in grace! Think of the oriental dance to combine sport and seduction, zumba to stay in your gym, tap to have steel buttocks, salsa to shine in the evening, so what dance is made for you?

3 / Sports good for health: Running

Running is also great for getting thinner and also for your heart rate, muscles and breathing. Why are you going to lose weight? Your body fat decreases when you tap into your reserves of fats and sugars to burn yourself.

You need almost nothing and you can do it everywhere, on vacation or not. A pair of sneakers with a good cushioning sole and you’re ready.

Small flat, however, if you have joint problems (especially knees) or if you are overweight, the impact on the ground will not be beneficial, so prefer another sport good health in our list or choose to walk !

4 / Sports Good for Health: Swimming

To continue our suggestions of sports good for health: swimming is well known to be great for the muscles of the back and shoulders and at the same time relieve the lumbar.

Swimming refines your body, it is one of the most complete sports that solicits the arms, the shoulders, the back, the abs, the legs, while protecting the body from any shock (unlike the running ).

And to avoid spoiling, being in the water will soothe your mind, and you will enjoy this highly relaxing effect.

5 / Sports good for health: Aquagym

Another variant in water, you will recognize the famous anti-cellulite activity. This sport good for health has benefits on your silhouette by refining and firming it. Water aerobics also works with breathing, blood circulation and cardiovascular rhythm.

Just like swimming, it is ideal for joint problems with a submerged body that weighs more than a quarter of its weight.

The water pressure is much higher than that of the air, an aquatic activity you mass and at the same time all the exercises are amplified, 30 minutes of aerobics represents 1:30 gym ground!

TIP: For all these good health sports, it is advisable to practice twice a week.

As you know my fuzzy, sport can be a booster of self-confidence, but if you want other tips to gain confidence in yourself, I invite you to read the article How to gain self confidence ?

(Credit photo Francesco Procopio)

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