“Sea Shepherd” and protection of oceans

The ecological cause affects you and more precisely the protection of the oceans and their fauna and flora? Then you’ll be thrilled to learn more about the Sea Shepherd Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), which actively fights illegal fishing, overfishing and hunting for protected species (such as whales, sharks and seals).

History of Sea Shepherd

The Sea Shepherd Association was founded in 1977 by Paul Watson in Vancouver and is headquartered in Friday Harbor, United States. This non-profit NGO aims to protect marine ecosystems and biodiversity.

Where did Sea Shepherd’s idea for ocean protection come from?

Paul Watson worked for Greenpeace, he was one of the first to integrate this environmental activist association. Over time, he ends up blaming Greenpeace for their lack of direct activist actions, eventually ending up in 1977.

That same year, Paul Watson decided to found the association “Sea Shepherd” for the protection of the oceans. In 2007, he launched “Justicers of the Seas” which is an American reality television dedicated to “Sea Shepherd”, it is today very followed by Internet users.

According to Paul Watson, for the protection of the oceans, we must fight with strength against the destruction of marine species and be proactive in this fight. Often too committed, even brutal in his desire to awaken the spirits, he had problems with justice. This has never diverted him from his task and Paul Watson is actively pursuing his policy of protecting the oceans and safeguarding the marine world through the Sea Shepherd Association.

Why support “Sea Shepherd”?

If you do not know the 7th continent, it’s time to discover it. This is a pile of plastic that has been in the ocean since 1997. Man is totally responsible for its creation by its waste dumped in the seas and oceans. This pile of waste causes the extinction of many marine species.

Not taken seriously in the world, the association “Sea Shepherd” is mobilizing to publicize this tragedy and raise awareness of the defense of the oceans.

Without the flora and the marine fauna, our planet composed of 70% of water will change enormously and it will not be for our advantage.

By making every effort, starting with selective sorting, for example, problems of marine species extinctions and water pollution could be avoided. In one way or another support the association “Sea Shepherd” or in any case be sensitive to the protection of the oceans is necessary for the world of tomorrow and future generations.

The means of “Sea Shepherd”

Sea Shepherd and the protection of the oceans: what solutions offer this association?

It has several actions to raise public awareness of the destruction of marine life, indeed the man is responsible for global warming, pollution of the oceans, so it is the disappearance of marine species …

The budget

Remember that this is a non-profit NGO, so it is funded through donations (possible on the site of the association: seashepherd.fr).

Year round, for all its actions (communication campaigns, rescue, cleaning water …), “Sea Shepherd” uses a budget of about 20 million dollars.

Donations of any amount are possible and we can also join the useful to the pleasant by buying in their online shop Sea Shepherd objects: jewelry, tshirts, stickers …

Do you want to be concretely useful, to be on the ground with the association? No worries and join a team during a mission during your next vacation.

Means of transport and tracking

⁃ Fleet: Today, the Sea Shepherd Association has 10 ships for its various missions.

⁃ Several helicopters and 2 drones allow identification of illegal fishing vessels or overfishing.

“Sea Shepherd” in 2018

There were Leviathan, Migaloo, Sparrow and also Blue Rage operations, in 2018 the “Sea Shepherd” association launched Operation Nyamba 2.

This is the defense of sea turtles in Mayotte. Poachers cut the fins and turtle heads to sell the meat on the black market! What is already a disaster in itself, is added to the fact that eggs laid by turtles rot in the sand …

The island of Mayotte is already working in this direction but unfortunately lacks the means to succeed; that’s why the “Sea Shepherd” association decided to give a hand. However, the association’s anti-poaching turtle campaign is still insufficient, so all donations and help will be welcome to help the Sea Shepherd Association and the protection of the oceans!

In the article on ecofriendly search engines, we told you about the search engine LILO, funds raised serve for example to finance projects such as the development of Sea Shepherd France.

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