Tea benefits

You are tired of coffee or just know the virtues of tea on your body?

This article is for you! Indeed the tea has many benefits for the body: as for example the tone with theine (as effective as caffeine). There are an infinity of tea flavors with different virtues that will seduce you.

The benefits of tea: when to drink?

The answer is simple thanks to the benefits of tea: anytime ! Tea being mainly water-based, any time of day will do the trick to boost your energy.

At home, in “quiet wake up” mode in your favorite cup, in “speed” mode in a transportable mug at the office … Whatever your style, tea can follow you anywhere, anytime.

True “must have”, the transportable mug is a precious ally, it allows to keep the heat of your tea several hours so that it is always pleasant at any time.

Tip 1: Avoid drinking tea while eating, it removes the iron absorption that the body needs and can disrupt digestion … It is better to drink it 1 hour apart around meals.

Tip 2: in the evening, the theine giving you energy, it is better to privilege a herbal tea or an infusion. It will bring you similar benefits, being of the same family as tea, but will be more interesting to help you get to sleep.

The benefits of tea: how to choose?

There are many varieties of teas with aromas and virtues that differ according to your needs and of course your tastes!

White tea, black tea, green tea: here are already three categories of teas with various benefits.

The benefits of white tea

This very delicate tea is unfermented. The benefits of this tea include: healthy and radiant skin, strengthening your immune system against viruses and bacteria and help with weight loss.

The benefits of black tea

This tea is fermented and oxidized. Here are some of these benefits:

  • repair and reduction of cardiovascular disease thanks to its antioxidant content
  • lowering intestinal and digestive problems
  • decreased cholesterol levels and breast cancer risk

Like anything else you should not abuse it. This tea can be addictive!

The benefits of green tea

This tea is unfermented. It’s great for burning fat, it’s a powerful detoxifier that boosts your athletic performance and lowers the risk of diabetes and tooth decay.

The benefits of this tea on health are also better sleep and improved morale. Naturally source of vitamins and minerals, it is really advisable to drink 1 to 3 cups a day.

Beauty tip: drink in 20 minutes after your meals to eliminate toxins and fats.

WARNING: for people with high blood pressure, it is not recommended to drink green tea, same for coffee.

The benefits of tea: how to infuse it?

Tea and hot infusion

To enjoy a tea optimally, it is necessary to respect the dosage, the infusion time and the temperature of the water. There is an ideal temperature for each type of tea as well as an infusion time. The brewing time varies between a few seconds and ten minutes. It is the chemical composition of the tea that defines the duration of infusion, so there is no rule on the duration, you must know the tea.

Example: an Oolong can brew very long and even several times, while a Japanese green tea should not brew more than 2 minutes.

Iced tea tip for summer:

  • boil the water
  • pour it into a carafe
  • brew the tea of ​​your choice (green recommended) for 3-4 minutes
  • add sugar or not at your convenience, a few slices of lemon, ice cubes
  • put the contents in the fridge
  • A few hours later, take out the carafe and drink!

Tea and cold infusion

This kind of infusion will interest lovers of iced tea, since you logically do not make a cold infusion to warm it later …

Be aware that cold brew keeps all the benefits of tea, it just takes longer. It also develops aromas that you might have escaped with hot infusion. There are even teas that you will not appreciate in cold infusion and that will seduce you in hot infusion (the opposite is true too!).

In any case, you will need a few hours of maceration, the word “maceration” is preferred to “infusion” when it is cold.

For black teas, after a few hours, remove the bags from the container and drink it within a few hours.

For green and white tea, you can leave them all night in the refrigerator and they can be easily drunk during the day or more, without fear that the bitterness will settle.

Cold tea is a good way to vary the pleasures … It will help you drink more water!

If you are interested in the subject, I invite you to read the article on the benefits of cocoa.

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