Wearing bra or not ?

Worn by the majority of women in western countries as soon as our chest starts to appear, the bra is an almost mandatory undergarment in your wardrobe! “Almost” because some women prefer not to wear it and let their breasts stand on their own. So wearing a bra or not ?

Certainly not wearing a bra is a habit to take that can sometimes shock some who are addicted to the bra day (and sometimes even night!).

Is it good to sleep with a bra?

To the irremediable of the bra, the answer is NO! NO ! And no ! Sleeping with a bra is strongly discouraged by physiotherapy because your chest does not need to be maintained while you sleep! If you’re already wearing a bra all day long, have fun removing it after a busy day, you’ll see there’s nothing more relaxing.

TIP: at night we advise you to sleep at best with a simple pajama top to leave your body free because it is useless to be tight in the middle of the night, especially when you turn around, you risk to hurt you . Here is the list of disadvantages given by doctors and physiotherapists about wearing bra during the night:

  • Skin marks and irritations
  • Inflammation
  • Edema
  • Risks to muscles, nerves, blood vessels and lymph nodes
  • More difficult elimination of toxins

That’s all you may not know yet about wearing a bra at night …

Why stop wearing a bra during the day?

  • Wearing a bra does not help to keep your chest better!
    This misconception turns out to be totally wrong because it is not because you do not wear a bra that they will fall! On the contrary. It is with the age and the years and of course the gravity that your breasts will fall and will be more cowardly. The bra is only to give them a nicer round and reassembled shape and also to hide your nipples, but it is not at all essential for your health quite the contrary.


  • Wearing a bra can be a cause of breast cancer!
    If you have a favorite underwired bra that you wear often, it will spoil over time and holes may reveal metal whales to support your chest. Contact with the skin could be carcinogenic so we advise you to quickly throw your damaged bras!


  • The bra: aesthetics, time and wallet!
    We are not going to lie to you lingerie is a budget especially if you like beautiful brands. Not to mention the time to clean them in washing machines or by hand. Without a bra, your wallet becomes lighter, you free time and you do not spoil the beauty of your bare back or bare-shouldered crop tops!

What effects stop wearing the bra?

Of course most of you if they choose this voice of “NO BRA” (“no bra” in English) will feel a change.

For all breasts, “NO you are not naked, you are without a bra under your clothes” it’s different. You are simply a woman confident with her body, without any connotation behind. Once this psychological barrier has passed, let’s look at the physical.

For small breasts, there is no real change, no real physical sensation other than finally feeling the fabric of your sweater, t-shirt on your skin! For those who exceed the B cup, the first 3 weeks will be a little overwhelming. Your breasts will move naturally during your movements: you will feel them when you lean forward, when you go down the stairs, when you sprint on 5 meters to catch your bus. It will not always be nice, because you used to maintain but you will see that it is done without worry.

After this time, you will not pay attention and not only because you get used but because your chest will be slightly strengthened, having nothing for artificial support, it will naturally seek its own muscles.

When can we or should we put on a bra? and which one?

If you no longer want to wear a bra or exceptionally, know that there are alternatives to wearing a bra:

  • The sports bra
    Of course, the sport is more comfortable and ergonomic with a suitable bra. Opt for a sport bra because it will hold your chest very well when you run, jump or other!


  • The lace bra
    Hyper light, this bra is particularly appreciated by women with small chest because it is not intended to maintain your breasts but rather to hide your nipples a little if you do not want them to be seen under a light garment . It also allows to wear very loose or low cut clothes without worry.


  • The lingerie pleasure
    Of course lingerie is also a pleasure, that of the touch of fabrics, sensuality, seduction, different trands. Having a devastating cleavage the time of an evening, a ultra fatal set to make him/her succumb to your charm, it is quite human and therefore quite possible. This article has the only purpose of freeing you from the obligatory port of the bra. Buy lingerie for pleasure is obviously not a problem !


(credit photo Francesco Procopio)

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