Top 5 restaurant terraces in Paris

Wondering what are the best restaurant terraces in Paris? Here is our top 5 for our beautiful capital.

Every day, coming from everywhere in France and around the world, tourists come to admire the Eiffel Tower, the Louvres, Notre Dame de Paris, the Champs de Mars, walk the museums and go shopping! Paris is also a capital city with magnificent parks, flower gardens and magnificent terraces.

Often located in public squares or in charming and quiet alleyways, they are ideal for a break sipping a drink.

N ° 1 of the terraces restaurant in Paris: The terrace “Spoon 2”

This beautiful and large Parisian terrace is located Place de la Bourse and has 50 seats. Its revisited style will seduce you and you will undoubtedly appreciate that the place turns into a solarium from noon: ideal for sunbathing all year round! The dishes à la carte will make you travel around the world, impossible not to satisfy any type of gourmets!

TRIPADVISOR: out of 117 reviews, 74% excellent and very good

N ° 2 of the restaurant terraces in Paris: the terrace 86 Champs-Elysées

Opened in December 2017, this little last of the restaurant terraces in Paris already has everything of great. Created by chef Pierre Hermé in association with the cosmetics brand L’OCCITANE, the frame of the glass roof and the decoration with rattan armchairs typical of Paris are superb. The terrace restaurant serves salty meals and of course the pastries of Chef Hermé, which will be perfect for a snack.

TRIPADVISOR: out of 60 reviews, 60% excellent and very good

N ° 3 of the restaurant terraces in Paris: the terrace “La Maison Plisson”

93 Boulevard de Beaumarchais in Paris: this is the address of “Maison Plisson”. On no less than 500 m², you will fully enjoy its originality, it is a terrace with multiple services with a grocery store, a bakery and a restaurant. Ideal to do some shopping and satiate and enjoy a beautiful place!

TRIPADVISOR: out of 500 reviews, 60% excellent or very good

N ° 4 of the restaurant terraces in Paris: the terrace “Le Perchoir”

In the American style, we would call this Parisian restaurant terrace a rooftop! It is perched at the top of the building of 14 rue du Crespin-du-Gast that you will discover it. What better way to enjoy a drink with your lunch while admiring the view of Paris, than this perch! Like a “titi” Paris, you can also enjoy beautiful sunsets …

TRIPADVISOR: out of 600 reviews, 40% very good

N ° 5 of the restaurant terraces in Paris: the “Monsieur Bleu” terrace

In name only, this terrace restore is very French! You will find it at 20 avenue New York. You will appreciate its view of the Eiffel Tower while savoring its deliciously simple and traditional cuisine. (picture at the head of the article)

TRIPADVISOR: out of 1500 reviews, 80% excellent and very good

And here we are, dear Fuzzy, our article on the top 5 restaurant terraces in Paris. Do not hesitate to tell us what you think of these terraces if you have already been there or if you liked others!

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