Eco friendly search engine

You are aware that the web is in the smallest part of our daily lives, so it has a logical effect on the environment, impact that can be problematic. It is impressive to note that the internet accounts for almost 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

If you’re worried about this, initiatives have been put in place to make your web browsing as efficient as it is environmentally responsible and reduce your carbon footprint.

Search engines are used every day and most of us use the best known ones like Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you are looking for alternatives for a more eco-friendly lifestyle, here are 2 green search engines!

Lilo: a solidarity search engine!

In 2014, Clément Le Bras and Marc Haussaire create a responsible search engine in France based on the principle that your research earns profits and 50% of these profits will be dedicated to social and environmental projects.

In a very playful way, every research you do is a drop of water. You then choose to distribute your drops of water in the projects which have an interest to you. The Lilo company then transforms all the drops of water into money, which will be donated monthly to the projects chosen, mostly associations or NGOs. As an example, we can give Sea Shepherd France, which defends the oceans, and that Lilo helps to finance.

Lilo, the meta-engine, uses the same algorithms as the most famous search engines mentioned above and is as effective as them! Like Ecosia, Lilo is committed to reducing CO2 emissions to have a carbon neutral footprint and reduce the impact on the environment.

Ecosia: the search engine for tree planting!

Christian Kroll creates Ecosia, in Berlin, in 2009. Ecosia is a responsible eco-search engine whose sole purpose is to finance the planting of trees around the world. Ecosia is in partnership with the WWF Foundation and the site works for the preservation of forests and their superb biodiversity.

How does it work? It’s quite simple, by doing your research on the internet, search-related ads create revenue. Ecosia has decided to use 80% of advertising profits for tree planting programs.

Why did you choose to plant trees? Back to our ecosystem, trees produce oxygen and absorb CO2, trees protect the soil and make it fertile. Forests are the most biodiverse terrestrial systems, they regulate water cycles by preventing floods and raising the level of groundwater. Trees are one of the main actors of climate change.

Their goal for 2020? Since the launch of Ecosia, 38 million trees have been planted worldwide. The idea is to exceed the billion trees planted for 2020.

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