Benefits of walking

Put one foot in front of the other, we all know how to do it, but why is it so good for our physical and mental health? With just 30 minutes to 1 hour of walking each day, you will already see the effects on your body and your mood. So without having to put too much effort, you stay healthy by eliminating some calories and working your cardio. You will see after a good walk outside, you will feel good and in harmony with your body, ready to lift mountains!

How is it necessary to walk every day?

Body : The benefits of walking

Walking is our natural way of locomotion, it’s part of us, so if we have such a beautiful mechanism in us and we learned as soon as we could how to use it, it is probably not to sit all day! It is important for your body to move a little every day to stimulate it, stay awake and eliminate toxins.

Regardless of age, walking keeps you fit by lowering your blood pressure if it’s too high because of stress, strengthening your bones and lowering your cholesterol.

Mind : The benefits of walking

Walking, like all sports activities, is a winner! That is to say that in addition to doing you good physically, it also improves your morale.

A good walk by the sea, in the forest, in the countryside or in the mountains will soothe you with the sight of beautiful landscapes, without forgetting the quality of the air!
Walking lowers the risk of being depressed and you will sleep much better at night.

What motivation to walk?

Now that we know the benefits of walking, it’s not necessarily enough to motivate yourself to walk every day. To begin, you can set goals to achieve! Do not hesitate to start slowly walking 1 km, then 3, then 10km! Aim for regularity, if you already make this appointment with yourself every day to walk, you will naturally increase the duration.

You can not go all the way home / work by tram / car, get off earlier, park a little further and simply start or finish on foot!

Another trick is, if you feel like it, to walk with others, it will motivate you even more and if you walk with someone faster than you, you will have the challenge of catching up with your partner! All this without it becoming a competition, well being above all!

You will quickly find that your body will get used to the effort quickly and you will see your legs and your back muscles …

You can also buy a pedometer or use a dedicated application on your smartphone, here is another simple idea to motivate you and enjoy all the benefits of walking. You will see your number of steps and kilometers increase as you walk.

Do not hesitate to change your circuit or to change neighborhood to enjoy a park in your city, it will change your ideas.

What good conditions to walk?

Apart from your legs, there is no need for much! A good pair of walking shoes so that your foot is well maintained during the effort and you’re ready.

If you are by the sea, enjoy to be barefoot, walking in the sand is quite natural, relaxing and even more muscular!

Proper outfit is also a plus! In summer, dress lightly because the walk will make you sweat even more and in winter dress so as not to get sick!

Slimming tip with the benefits of walking: dress all in black under the sun, to sweat more and therefore burn fat faster!

To make the most of the benefits of walking, you may want to pack a backpack with a large bottle of water in it to keep you hydrated all day long, especially when you are exercising. And why not add a fruit?

If there is sun during your walk, also think about taking with you a cap and your sunglasses, not to mention the sunscreen.

Tip for the rhythm of the walk: Start with a quiet walk for 5 minutes, then increase your pace until you have a good pace (that is to say do not be short of breath), pay attention to your posture during the walk and finish by 5 minutes of slow walking to finish the effort quietly. Some stretching exercises: calves, quadriceps, hamstrings will not be too much either!

What can be done to provide more effort while walking?

You have already grasped the benefits of walking and you want to spend more, here are some ideas to raise the level!

  • put a 1 kg sandbelt on each ankle (or + if you are even more motivated but go slowly anyway!)
  • every 50 meters make 5 knee climbs followed by 5 buttocks to accentuate your efforts even more.

In all cases, whether you are experienced or beginner, remember that your walk must remain pleasant, so do not run out of steam, if you walk fast, remember to vary the rhythm to walk more quietly to breathe and enjoy the present time before returning to an enthusiastic pace.

Dear Fuzzy, “health and well-being” must be your source of determination to do a little exercise every day and maintain this beautiful machine that is your body!

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