Fashion Interview : Adeline Ziliox

In the heart of fashion, here is our interview with the designer Adeline Ziliox. A moment of sharing, exchanging on her passion that makes her live and vibrate …

  • Since when are you attracted by the fashion world? When did you start this adventure?

I started 10 years ago, when I created the brand Adeline Ziliox. But I have always been interested in fashion. A bit like all little girls, I think. I remember I was poking around in Mom’s clothes and accessories, trying her shoes. As a teenager, it turned into a real passion. What I wanted was not to be dressed like everyone else when I went out. I was always looking for something unique.

I remained in this philosophy to propose creations that are not found elsewhere. For example take classics and revisit them with new materials, or the opposite, to take conventional fabrics but work original cuts. In my opinion, make fashion is like cooking, everything is a question of balance without forgetting that it also needs generosity.

  • Tell us, what is your job ?

There is not really a typical day. There are of course days when you are more in production or creation, but the days are not alike. That’s really interesting in my job.

In recent times, I spend a lot of time promoting my brand. I spend whole days on the computer and it is necessary to be known. I think it’s useless to create wonders if it’s for them to stay in the workshop, in the closet. I prefer creation, but we must promote ourselves, we must go out, especially in Paris, because that’s how we develop and we can show what we do. A tip for young designers would be to spend 20% of the time in creation / production and 80% of the time to try to be known.

In any case, we work without counting!

  • How did you come to today’s success?

Life is made of meetings and meetings are the launching pads. In fact, these are my first customers who pushed me to go further and who have for example suggested me to do some expo.

I immediately wanted my own brand. I graduated at age 23 and 6 months later I had my own business. At first I had my workshop and did some exhibitions. Then I had a little workshop & shop in Tarbes where I stayed a few years. Then I arrived in Strasbourg 7 years ago and I opened this shop at 44 rue des Jeu des Enfants. I like from time to time change the decoration of this shop, so it is always the reflection of my collections and my inspirations.

  • In 2015, you participated in the show “Project Fashion” on french TV, how did you live this experience?

It was very rewarding. It was also timely because I tended at that time to settle in a production routine and the show has a little jostled my daily, it allowed me to dive into the creation. It was really a good experience.

It was also hard. One episode was three days of shooting, we had the theme Monday and the catwalk was on Wednesday. We started at 7am and finished around 11pm or midnight. But it was great, because in addition to the creative challenge, we saw a lot of “behind the scenes”, we met other people who live the same passion and befriend them.

  • What was the concrete effect of the show for the rest of your development?

After the show, with this motivation, this effervescence around the creation, I decided, 2 years ago, to put my last savings in a “couture” collection. I played “all in” and it paid off because the collection is still running, I did the fashion week in Paris and some beautiful exhibitions.

And since May 2018, I’m in a press office in Paris, to whom I send my collections and who makes the link between fashion designers and the press. It is through them that the pieces are in magazines or go to the festival of Cannes.

  • How do we recognize a piece created by Adeline Ziliox?

Like any designer I have a signature, probably the very graphic and ultra-feminine side, 3D mesh, neoprene, technical materials. I dress women of character, independent and determined, because I think that to wear my pieces must be assumed a little. I do fashion for London, Milan, Paris, New York and maybe even Tokyo. I think physically I will stay in Strasbourg with an also international futur.

All my creations are 100% made in France, all the prototypes are created here in the shop and the goal is to create limited series, something original and entirely French. All our materials come from the European Union; the production is French, part of the production is made in this shop and the rest is made in French workshops; in addition we have very little waste, ecology is also one of my priorities. A very limited series product so that everyone does not wear and each keeps a certain singularity.

My priority is the collections but I always propose customized, tailor-made creations, even if it is sometimes complicated because I run after time.

  • Where comes from your inspiration ?

Sometimes I have visions or a silhouette that passes in the street or I see a garment … Sometimes it is even in a dream. It happens also that in the contrary, it’s more an intellectual process, research.

There are some pieces which still wait to be created because I have not yet been able to find the right material, and conversely there are pieces that I create around a material that inspires me.

  • Do you have famous creators or muses who inspire you?

I work so much that I do not have much time to follow the trend, it does not prevent that Thierry Mugler and Alexander McQueen are sources of inspiration.

In addition, I love the world of entertainment and I created many theatrical and monumental pieces during my studies. I think that if you create a garment, it’s to show it, to make something spectacular.

I would also mention Hiatus Kayoite, a singer a little underground, I love his world and I would not mind to dress her.

  • What are your plans for the future ?

In the very near future, I participate in Paris fashion week. It was not planned by the way, but I’m going to do a mini show. From that, there may be a chance to do something later in Japan, in Tokyo.

Then in January, this is the first presentation of the collection during the week of haute couture. The pace intensifies anyway and sometimes it’s so much better, it’s also for the rush that we do this job.

  • What was the inspiration for your latest collection ?

For Fall Winter 2018, which is currently available, there is a lot of graphiscape, floral and 3D mesh. There is a contrast between this floral universe and the graphics of black and white, at the same time quite complementary.

I put a lot of classic cuts reinvented by their materials with details or ultra graphic lines. Like the bomber (photo on the top of the article) which is a sporty cut but with the “couture” details there is also a very elegant side.

  • Available in store, but also online?

Exactly, for a very short time, I also have an online store. I propose sending all over the world. I had a lot of customers coming from abroad and who regretted not being able to do their shopping from home, that’s why I decided to create this site of sale on line, so that we could afford a piece of my collections from anywhere!

Adeline Ziliox
44, rue du jeu des enfants 67000 Strasbourg

Photo credit: Ben Hincker – 2Grump

creatrice AdelineZiliox.jpg

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