How to have a beautiful skin ?

In our article “Makeup :  preparation and fondation“, it was explained why it is important to carefully clean your face every day morning and evening with adequate products that pamper your skin and not attack it.

Today we are going to see some beauty tips on facials. Whether you want your skin to be more beautiful or you want to change or test a new beauty routine, this article will be inspiring.

Tips for having a beautiful skin

Throughout the day, the skin of your face will naturally get tired and get dirty due to pollution among others. The skin of the face is the one that creates the most sebum, hence the fact that it greasy during the day, especially in the “T” area : forehead, nose, chin. Sebum, pollution will clog the pores of your skin and it will eventually try to create encrusted blackheads that will distend your pores, in which the pollution will get even easier and you’re in a vicious circle!

Of course, do not panic, to have a beautiful skin and not to enter, or already out of this vicious circle, it is essential to clean your face at night and give a boost in the morning. By adopting good hygiene with good facials before even thinking about makeup, is important for you to have a beautiful skin and also simply to feel your skin cleansed, fresh, soothed and even invigorated!

The routine to have a beautiful skin

Products for beautiful, perfect skin

To have a beautiful skin, you must already know, your skin type: is it dry? fat? Mixed?

To find out, take a second to ask yourself how you feel your skin (with or without tightness of dryness) and look in the mirror (skin that shines or not)!

Of course the beauty industry did not wait for us to develop a battery of facial products based on the type of each. It is necessary to use products adapted to your skin because oily skin does not have the same needs as dry skin and vice versa.

Our selection of products to have a beautiful skin:

  • NATURE EFFISCIENCE products: a 100% natural brand that pampers your skin with a range that includes toning cleansing gel, moisturizer, purifying mask or scrub. We love the fact that the products are complementary, such as adding a small amount of moisturizer to the “Lift” day cream for example!
  • the products “Pure active” of the brand GARNIER are well made for skin with imperfections and products 3 in 1 “cleanser, exfoliant and mask” are very playful. Convenient to carry with a pump or tube format, you will choose Coal or Zinc?
  • NUXE products offer a box that will leave your skin fresh and rehydrated with a cleanser, an exfoliating ball cleansing gel and a cream.
  • the SANOFLORE brand’s organic products have a special mention with its “Aqua Magnifica” lotion that will tighten your pores and give a brighter and more radiant complexion.

The right gestures for a beautiful perfect skin

The first steps to have a beautiful skin is already as we said and even said:

  • in the evening: remove makeup and clean your face in the evening with a washcloth or a soft roll-on brush to clean thoroughly without attacking your skin either.
  • in the morning: wake up your skin with floral water, then pass a lotion, which will finish removing the residue of the night. Then apply your day cream with upward movements (from the bottom of the face up) which will protect (by the cream) and energize (by the massage) your skin for the rest of the day.

As for the moisturizer day and / or night, even if you have oily skin you can not ignore it. Like any skin type, oily skin needs hydration, otherwise it may create more sebum to protect itself. We find the importance of the right product, you will understand that a moisturizing dry skin is necessarily different from a moisturizer oily skin!

  • 1 to 2 times a week: Make an exfoliating treatment and a purifying or moisturizing mask, according to your needs, according to the season and of course always with the product adapted to your skin: a thin skin will prefer a soft exfoliating while a thick skin bear a grain exfoliator.

A healthy diet to have a beautiful skin

To have a beautiful skin, we might have to start the article there! Your body reflects your diet, so logically a good diet generates beautiful skin (and many other benefits!).

An easy tip is to drink a lot of water! 1.5L per day is recommended and it will be seen directly on your skin: it will be more beautiful with a more even complexion and a reduced number of imperfections.

A diet too fat, too sweet can create small buttons. Do not abuse red meat cooked at very high temperatures, either, because even though the body needs protein, there are many other sources of protein to make you happy while taking care of you and your skin.

Here are some dietary suggestions for beautiful skin:

A beautiful skin is without acne

Try to avoid dairy products, consume rather plant milks, for example hazelnut milk is delicious!

It is really recommended to remove all fast sugars such as sodas, sweets, syrups, industrial cakes, pasta … They are the first sources of skin with imperfections and many other disorders.

A beautiful skin is rehydrated

It is repeated “Drink water” and also eat vegetables because they naturally contain water and full of vitamins and nutrients perfect for your body and therefore perfect for beautiful skin, such as cucumbers or zucchini.
Fish is also recommended, indeed with its protein is similar of a meat, it is however much better for the skin!

A beautiful skin is radiant

Raw vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, celery are full of vitamins!
The trace elements of dried fruits are also perfect to make your skin shine. Whether to nibble or spread, think about mashed almonds.
Drinking tea is also excellent: you drink water and enjoy the many benefits of tea at the same time.

(credit photo Francesco Procopio)

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