Synthetic and stabilized plants in decoration

What is better than a plant to give a little color to our interior? Whether natural, synthesized or stabilized, plants bring a natural and vegetal dimension to our homes and place a joyful and harmonious touch in the heart of our lives.

We will focus today on synthetic plants and stabilized plants. What is it ? What are the advantages and disadvantages ? We will answer all these questions (and even more) in this design article.

Synthetic plants in decoration

A synthetic or artificial plant is an imitation of a flower or plant made of various materials, such as paper, cloth, ceramic or silk. You can simply make a paper flower, like an origami, or find in a specialty store a virtually identical replica of a flower. There are many types, from bushes to simple roses, to synthetic grass … As for natural plants, they can be used in flower arrangements or put in caches pots, for example. There are many advantages to using a synthetic plant over a natural plant.

Advantages to use synthetic plants.

For example longevity and robustness. In fact, a synthetic flower does not fade or wither. They are intended to last and resist the cold, the heat, or the vicissitudes. We can therefore keep them for a long time without having to maintain them.

Indeed, no need to water them or to prune or pick up fallen leaves or petals, or in the example of a synthetic grass, no need to mow the lawn. It’s convenient is not it? They are also often very light (and therefore easy to transport) and do not change in appearance over time (unlike a natural plant that continues to grow, grow, etc.). There is no need to wait for the flower to grow (or regrow), with an artificial flower you will have a plant with a beautiful appearance all year round.

In general, they are also less expensive than natural plants.

Disadvantages to use synthetic plants.

However, there are not only advantages. Indeed low range models are cheap, but are usually fragile or have a really synthetic appearance, so that we quickly realize that it is not a real plant. There are very realistic models that look like true flowers or plants, whether it is to the eye or touch elsewhere, but we must put the price, it will come back to you then at the price of a natural plant but it does not fade a few days, it is an advantageous investment. And of course, a synthetic plant does not have a fragrance.

Plants stabilized in decoration

Benefits to use stabilized plants.

Less known than synthetic plants, stabilized plants are natural plants “stabilized” by a method that consists of replacing the sap of plants with a glycerin-based product to keep them for more than a few days. In other words we inject into the plant a solution to keep its original appearance, and it remains fresh and flexible easily 5 years instead of a few days.

Stabilized plants can therefore be seen as a compromise between a natural plant and a synthetic plant. We keep all the beauty of a flower, and we preserve it for a very long time, which has earned a nickname to stabilized roses: “eternal roses”.

Stabilized plants are therefore very interesting for making bouquets, various floral compositions or green walls or plant paintings. They are also very popular for bouquets of brides, who will be able to keep their bouquet of this beautiful day a few years!

For the benefits, they are very numerous. Just as for synthetic plants, they do not require any special maintenance, the plant is as frozen in time, so no need to water it or cut it, etc. This allows to put outdoor plants inside or create a wall of plants that will remain long. Stabilized plants are also non-allergenic, a small plus sometimes not negligible. And above all, they are as beautiful as natural plants.

Disadvantages to use stabilized plants.

For example, they do not emit the same scents as natural plants and eventually fade unlike synthetic plants. In addition, in general, we must keep them indoors because they remain quite fragile, they end up withering after a while, even if their lifespan can be up to 10 years.

Tip “synthetic or stabilized plants for decoration”

Simply mix natural, synthetic and stabilized plants.

For example why not combine synthetic grass with some natural plants and a bouquet of stabilized roses on your balcony for example? Mix genres is the best way to bring a maximum of nature into your home sweet home!

Dear Fuzzy, do not hesitate to tell us what type of plant you prefer to use or to share your tips in the comments.

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