Cinema and modern chic decoration

The 7th art is obviously a great source of inspiration for our interior decoration. This is our first article in a serie on the inspiration of the decoration in some styles of movies. We start with the “modern chic” atmosphere and the films chosen for their beautiful and refined decorations are The Big Lebowski, Nocturnal Animals, American Psycho, The Ghost Writer and Ex Machina.

Modern chic decoration:

The Big Lebowski by Joel and Ethan Coen

To begin our article on “cinema and modern chic decoration”, we chose this iconic film released in 1998, which remains a source of inspiration.

The long lines, very angular, the warm ocher leather sofas, sandstone staged by the play of light and the huge picture windows form an impressive ensemble. The photo (on the cover of the article) shows a very popular place: the Sheats Goldstein residence, in other words Jackie Treehorn’s house on Malibu beach. This masterpiece, designed by architect John Lautner, is as grand outside as it is in its unique asymmetrical geometric shapes.

It is not surprising that The Big Lebowski is set for one of his star scenes. For decorations, we must salute Rick Heinrichs, who was inspired by the atmosphere of the singles apartments of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

Modern chic decoration:

Nocturnal Animals by Tom Ford

This film is directed by Tom Ford and was released in 2016. By his illustrious director, his aestheticism could not be left indifferent.

Two stylistic worlds clash in this film: the life of Susan, an art gallery owner in Los Angeles, and that of her ex-husband, in West Texas, from Edward’s book. To make it right, it was Shane Valentino who was chosen by Tom Ford to create visually very strong sets.
You can not miss the picture windows surrounding the house, the large green spaces, the wooden walls and the imposing modern paintings.

nocturnal animals film

Modern chic decoration:

American Psycho by Mary Harron

We could not do an article on “cinema and modern chic decoration” without Patrick Bateman’s monochrome apartment in “American Psycho” released in the 2000s. This bachelor apartment is minimalist, with large empty spaces and amazing white walls, that gives an austere and disturbing impression. Of course the designer Gideon Ponte has thought through the details to reflect the tortured spirit of the main character.

american psycho

Modern chic decoration:

The Ghost Writer by Roman Polanski

This film released in 2010 is supposed to take place on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, but Roman Polanski was not allowed to enter the United States, so it was necessary to use ploys to create this house dream. The exterior shots show a house facade in Usedom, Germany, and the interior shots were taken in Babelsberg.
The trick works flawlessly. We admire the large openings on the vegetation, the deep and earthy colors without forgetting the natural textures. Bathed in daylight, the glow of the evening highlights the elegant comfort of the house. A few red and blue colored notes in large modern paintings come to give some pep to the interior decoration of the house.

The Ghost Writer

Modern chic decoration:

Ex Machina by Alex Garland

To close this article on “cinema and modern chic decoration”, here is the movie released in 2015 “Ex Machina”. The film takes place entirely in the high-tech fortress of Nathan, the egocentric and billionaire CEO. It is supposed to take place in the middle of Alaska, but it is in Norway that the ideal scenery has been found. This architectural complex, lost in the forest, is the hotel JUVET. It does not seems to be but it combines two different houses, it is a creation of Jensen & Skodvin Architects.

For the sets of the film, we must greet Michelle Day, who has made this place a minimalist dream but at the same time warm and zen, with glass walls and raw materials such as wood or stone. It has to be that the style of this house was modern, unique, in symbiosis with its environment and this bet is totally successful!

ex machina

Here is our first article on decoration in the cinema, this one dedicated to the modern chic style. Dear Fuzzy, do you have other desires in this line of articles ?

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