Manage your stress

Everyone knows now that stress has negative consequences on our body: you are exhausted, you make bad decisions, you are clumsy, your performance is falling … All this triggers a vicious circle that increases your stress still more, then anxiety, sleep disorders, underestimation and loss of self-confidence. But this vicious circle can be avoided and with a few exercises you can manage your stress and improve your life.

First of all we must think that the good stress proves that your body works, it is against the bad stress that must be worked, this stress creates a permanent state of alert quite unpleasant and unhealthy.

Understand the cause of your stress

To learn how to manage your stress, you must already ask yourself “what, when, where”: this will allow you to detect the places, the actions, the moments, the people who trigger your state of stress.
You can make a list of stressful people and then find actions to put in place for each of these people to remedy these situations.

Accept your stress

You have already heard that we must not fight against war but for peace. With stress it’s the same, do not fight against stress, accept it because it’s part of life and work for your well-being.

By fighting stress, you could increase its harmful effects, because by crystallizing on the negative of this situation and its consequences, you remain stuck in this negative state. You are trapped in an unhealthy feeling and you maintain the vicious circle instead of going out.
In these moments, accept the stress, recognize the negative emotion (anger, sorrow, disappointment …), it is the best way to let go and manage to manage your stress.

Listen to your stressed body

Your body often sends you signals that you are stressed. Layer on paper the bodily sensations that you experience during your moments of stress: sweating, trembling, accelerating pulse, body aches …

Take care of yourself

It is necessary to develop love for you and around you. To do this, take care of yourself, take pauses with breathing exercises, meditation, make positive affirmations.

For example, every day, for 5 minutes, do a relaxation exercise, like that of the conscious breathing in 4 steps:

  • The back straight, inhale for 4 seconds while visualizing your belly to inflate like a balloon,
  • Block your breath 4 seconds,
  • Exhale for 4 seconds, emptying your stomach completely (imagine your navel getting closer to your spine)
  • Block your breath for 4 seconds.

Make some sport

Your body is, among other things, your means of transport. It is therefore made to move, it is a natural need. So setting up a daily sport routine is very important for your well-being.

Whether it’s gym, dance, yoga or even walking, any physical activity will help you relax and naturally increase your resistance to stress by releasing endorphins.

You will be able to let off steam, externalize your stress and negative emotions, all while doing you good, by improving your heart rate, your breathing, your musculature !!!

Develop your creativity

Life is Creation! We are creations and we create, create is essential because it is really liberating.

Find an activity that will allow you to express yourself: dance (to mix sport and creativity!), Singing, drawing, pottery etc. Just like sport, doing a creative activity also takes time for you, time for fun, decompression, not only you get out of the vicious circle but you create a virtuous circle.

Dear Fuzzy, that’s how, step by step, you will manage your stress !

Find here the podcast of this article :

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