How to have gorgeous hair ?

We all dream of a voluminous and brilliant hairstyle, beautifully sexy or widly disciplined. It’s quite possible with some simple tips to follow, which will give strength and shine to your hair. Whether dry, thin, fat or brittle, we will explain how to have gorgeous hair!

Choose natural products to have beautiful hair

The first step to have gorgeous hair is firstly to study the composition of the products you use. Be demanding in the choice of your products, especially your shampoo, because it is directly in contact with your scalp.

Ingredients such as silicone, parabens, preservatives and other endocrine disruptors pose a risk to your health, knowing that in addition there are no benefits to your hair.

If you are not sure about products, a simple rule: simple and natural!
Go to an organic store or specialized in hairdressing and take the product with the least possible chemical ingredients! Take a look at our guide of cosmetic terms if you want some information.

Nourish your hair from the inside

It is obvious for some of you and it is a surprise for others, your diet plays on the quality of your hair. To have gorgeous hair, you need a balanced diet that you can add vitamin cures.
For example vitamins B8 and B5 help regenerate damaged hair and vitamin A promotes shine and suppleness. Zinc is really recommended to preserve the health and beauty of your hair.
Of course we must not forget hydration, it is essential. It’s never enough to say that drinking enough during your day is essential.

The frequency of shampoos

This is a question that comes up very often. We will respond quickly before expanding it into a dedicated article.

In general, washing your hair twice a week is a good average. Obviously it depends on your hair type, your environment and of course the products you use. Using a dry shampoo can be a good idea to wait until the next wash.

A “moisturizing” care routine to have beautiful hair

To have beautiful hair, nothing beats a mask once a week, let’s see together a small hydration routine suggestion for your mane.

On dry hair, put the mask starting with the ends and going up to 5 centimeters from the roots, insist on the ends, because those are they who need the most care. Leave it for at least 20 minutes but the best is to get lost in a book or the time of a series episode, then go to rinse.

Rinse your hair, for this opt for warm water. Too hot water will cause sebum production.

It’s time to switch to shampoo. A big hazel the size of a 2 euro coin is enough. Apply the product all the way and insist on the scalp, massage yourself generously.

TIP: Contrary to what you think a single shampoo is enough (sometimes two, but only after your hair has had a bath of oil).

Once the shampoo is rinsed, you can apply the conditioner. This step is better not to forget, it allows to relax and of course to untangle the hair while still providing hydration.

Rinse with cold water will close the scales of the hair and make your hair brighter. It will refresh you ideas at the same time!

Towel-dry your hair and apply a dry oil: pass your hands that you have previously oiled to untangle, protect and finish feeding your beautiful hair.

By selecting the right products, here is a simple and effective routine for having beautiful hair.

Think of oils to have beautiful hair

Argon oil is well known for hair, but it is not the only one to be beneficial. Coconut oil or olive oil are also very good sources of intense and deep nutrition.

On dry hair, generously apply the oil of your choice on all of your hair starting from the ends. Then make a bun (you can also wrap everything with cellophane). A minimum of 30 minutes is required but you can stay well all afternoon / evening, because the more you leave to ask more you improve the results.

To have beautiful hair, you can also make a bath of oils once or twice a month.

Forget the drying to have beautiful hair

You’ve already heard it often and it’s true, dry hair, loops, straighteners and other devices dry up and logically create forks on the ends and accelerate the breakage of hair.

To have beautiful hair, we must accept the nature of our hair. They will be beautiful, strong and voluminous with the right products and the right gestures, this includes leaving all our devices aside and let the hair dry in the open air.

It goes without saying that having fun with a nice blow-dry is not forbidden, just avoid doing it all the time!

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