Makeup : preparation and fondation

To put on makeup at best, there are some basic elements to respect. We have prepared some tips and advice so that your makeup base is perfect.

Facial preparation

Daily preparation

Logically, first of all, you have to clean your face.

If you really had to answer the question why, simply because it is a necessary hygiene and that on a dirty skin makeup does not hold.

Then comes the question of how to clean your face, for that you need:

  • a makeup remover most of the time in oil, milk or balm (because it is the fatty substance that dissolves makeup),
  • a floral water to remove traces of limestone from the tap water,
  • a tonic to remove any residual impurities and of course to tone the skin.
  • a moisturizer to reform the protective film of the skin.

Weekly / monthly preparation

Now that your routine is well established, here you are, ready to add skin care to your skin type every week or month.

  • Oily skin: a specific oily skin mask that will cleanse and close the pores, ideal to help makeup to hold.
  • Dull skin: a scrub to lighten the complexion.
  • Dry skin: a massage with essential oil to pamper your skin.

Pre-makeup of the face

That we do not rush, we are not yet at the stage of the foundation. It’s now about using colors. These will neutralize dark spots or dark circles.

These “colors” will not change that of your skin but mixed with yours, they will correct the smallest defects and will welcome powder or foundation.

We will now see what color to choose for which effect sought.

  • The white base brightens an already clear skin.
  • The orange or pink bases warm skin dull and dull with a good-looking effect, think also to boost your tan in the fall!
  • The green base eliminates redness and acne.
  • The blue base decreases slight redness on light skin.
  • The purple base highlights the light and dull skins and brightens the matte and yellow skins.

The foundation

First of all, let’s forget that the foundations prevent the skin from breathing. Your skin is not hidden under a mask of products!

Choice of the foundation

However, it is necessary to choose a foundation of quality, without toxic products and of course adapted to your type and color of skin. Remember to read the labels and understand the roles of the various ingredients used (see our article “the guide of cosmetic terms”). By choosing your best foundation, you will not need to powder more, since it will keep its velvety appearance throughout the day.

First, whether your foundation is covering or transparent, it will hide small defects, smooth, unify and matify your skin, and can even give a tan. The result will be satiny, velvety and radiant thanks to microscopic reflective particles, which diffuse the light, illuminate the complexion and fade wrinkles.
Secondly, according to the treating agents used, the foundation can protect your skin from pollution, cold aggression, UV and wind-drying.

Application of the foundation

What tools?

You can apply your foundation to your finger, sponge or brush as you prefer. It is also up to you to start your finger for example on the middle line of the face and to stretch it with the sponge towards the exteriors.

The advantage of using the finger is a lighter and more transparent rendering. The brush application will give you a more accurate and fuzzy look. Finally the rendering of the sponge will be more covering and uniform.

Make sure that the sponge is dry or at least well wrung out if you want a really covering effect. If the sponge is wet, it is likely to change the texture of the foundation.

Finish always by blending carefully, you would not want with demarcation marks.

Some tips and tricks?

Remember to apply your foundation by doing well upward movements (from the bottom to the top of your face), it will massage it by rejuvenating!

Whichever method you choose (finger, brush, sponge), you can put a little foundation in the palm of your hand, the product will melt better on your skin and this will allow you to better control the amount used.

Even if the cosmetics industry creates a lot of foundation colors, you may find it hard to find the perfect color for you, especially if you’re tanning (and then inevitably at a different time your tan eventually fades!). In this case, you can mix foundations, but remember to keep the same texture.

For very dry skin, you can add drops of essential oil to your foundation.

Discover the video corresponding to this article :

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