Top 10 refreshing drinks

It will not surprise anyone but in summer, it’s hot! So in all logic we want to hydrate ourselves, that’s why we prepared top 10 refreshing drinks. Maybe you will find your favorite drink and especially that it will give you inspiration to vary the pleasures !

TOP refreshing soft drinks

  • Refreshing drinks super healthy!

The detox water

This is the essential refreshing drink of the summer. This trendy beverage is one of the simplest and most popular ways to detoxify your body. Easy to make yourself, with water and fruit, this drink is rich in minerals and of course vitamins.

Iced coffee

For coffee lovers, it is still more pleasant to have this refreshing drink in summer. You will find with pleasure its hot version from the first frost returns. With its softer, more velvety taste, iced coffee becomes delicious in summer just by adding a few ice cubes.

Iced tea

As we have seen that tea has a lot of benefits, it is the same for iced tea, which has the advantage in summer to be cool. Healthy, gourmet and without calories, this refreshing drink with many variations can only be right for you! You can order it in a bar but do not hesitate to do it yourself. Iced tea is clearly our favorite of the TOP 10 refreshing drinks.

  • Gourmet refreshing drinks!

The milkshake

This gourmet milkshake is ideal for a break, it is as delicious as it is refreshing. With its smoothness, you will have the impression of sipping a cloud with fruits, syrups, ice creams … Whether you are more fond of vanilla, chocolate or fresh strawberries : you will only succumb!

The smoothie

By its creamy consistency, this drink is similar to a milkshake, however it is without milk or ice cream. The smoothie consists only of fruits or vegetables. Very rich in vitamins and flavors, if you like fruits, this refreshing drink is for you.


Here is a great classic of the TOP 10 refreshing drinks, which is drunk anytime, but of course in summer, it is particularly appreciated. Composed of lemon juice, sugar and sparkling water, it is eaten naturally with ice cubes or with a splash of syrup.


The last but not least. Granite, or granita, is the ideal choice if you’re hesitating between an ice cream and a drink. Coming from Sicily and composed of crushed ice flavored with a syrup, you will not find cooler!

TOP refreshing drinks with alcohol

The sangria

Typical of Portugal and Spain, this cocktail has the air of Latin dance. This refreshing drink is based on citrus, fruit, sparkling water and an alcohol such as Porto, then to let all the aromas released, it must let macerate for at least two days.

The spritz

Here’s another great classic of refreshing beverages: this Italian aperitif, more specifically from Venice, is a cocktail mixing sparkling white wine (take some Prosecco) with a little soda water, and an alcohol like the Campari or Aperol. Add a slice of lemon or an olive to complete this cocktail.

The mojito

To finish our top 10 refreshing drinks, here is a cocktail made in Cuba composed of rum, soda, lime, mint and crushed ice. To enjoy in a bar or on your terrace, give your aperitif a holiday atmosphere. If you love the taste and want to consume this refreshing drink without moderation, choose the “virgin” mojito.

Cheers, Fuzzy!