Top 5 FASHION autumn 2018

After the heat of the summer, autumn is often the dreaded season with the return, the return of cold and rain and we wonder what we will be able to wear after spending the summer season with bare legs and in swimming suit. With each season its fashion trends so do not panic if you do not know what to wear this fall, our top 5 fashion autumn 2018 will give you ideas!

The oversize, fashion trend autumn 2018

“Oversize” means “oversized” in English, that is to say “big size” in the field of fashion. This fall, oversize sizes are back in fashion!

The fake fur

As warm as it is fashionable, fake fur coats are a hyper fashion trend in autumn because they will keep you warm, that’s why we strongly recommend them in their oversized version and you can find 30 euros on ROMWE.FR and 50 euros at PULL & BEAR, also think of the “shop my closet” party !

Boyfriend jeans

In autumn, you put in the dresses dresses, skirts, shorts and summer combi to bring out the jeans a little oversize said “boyfriend” which are hyper tendencies in autumn! Why not wear an oversize coat, a leather bag and a pair of sneakers giving a bit of old school style. You can find them in all ready-to-wear stores in your city center so go for a walk or get some jeans from your boyfriend / father / grandfather / brother … too big for you to wear with a belt .

Sweater dresses

Oversized sweater dresses are also super trendy for the autumn 2018 fashion because they allow you to continue wearing dresses, even if the sun is out of date. You will find about 30 euros at H & M and ZARA and you can very well wear them with legwarmers and tights plain or patterned brand CALZEDONIA (10 euros). The sweater dresses will keep you warm this fall and you will feel super comfortable!

The fashion trend print mix of autumn


Checkered shirts are trendy outfits this fall because they replace the little plain tops that you wore this summer. They are very nice in a jeans or a skirt and give you a classic style but not too much! Because the tiles will give a vintage touch to your outfit. You will find 10-15 euros at H & M and PIMKIE.

The dots

The dots are also very trendy this year, again for the fall fashion 2018, because they are printed that we do not usually wear all year so dare them in the fall!


This fall the flowers are also trendy and fashionable and you will find this print on t-shirts or jackets. Fall being an intermediary between summer and winter, the colorful flowers of your outfit will make up for the sadness of seeing the faded flowers outside in autumn so do not hesitate to wear floral tops!

The yellow, fashion trend color of autumn

Usually in autumn, it is the Bordeaux, the black and the gray which are the flagship colors but this year, the yellow is THE color trend fashion inevitable of autumn 2018.

The yellow ciret

True must have of autumn, the sailor yellow ciret is also very fashion trend of the fall because it will protect you from the rain and give you a nice little marine style. TIP: put a marinière under your yellow ciret to be even more in the theme! You will find at PETIT BATEAU!

Mustard yellow trousers in velvet

Mustard velvet yellow trousers are back in fashion this fall and you can find 10 euros at H & M and for a higher quality we advise you to go on the site of Pierre Clarence at 125 euros the yellow pants. If you like old school style, you’ll love it! Velvet is an ideal material to wear in autumn because it will keep you warm and soft to the touch.

Yellow sweaters

Surviving in the fall without a sweater is an impossible mission because it is not with tank tops that you will be well warm … In the fall, cashmere is super trendy because it is a soft, light and warm material that is very popular with women! The classic sweaters knit braided do not lose their charm either and you can find everywhere.

We will not repeat it enough but the novelty in terms of fashion trend fall 2018: these are the yellow sweaters! Dare them because, contrary to conventional wisdom that you may have, yellow is not so difficult to associate. Wear your sweater with raw blue jeans to bring out and a pair of black ankle boots.

TIP : if the yellow is not your favorite color but you still want to be trendy and fashionable this fall, you can wear the yellow more discreetly because there are jeans and skirts with yellow stripes on the sides that you will give an original look.

Sequins shoes, fashion trend of autumn

If you do not know what it is, it’s glittery shoes! You can find some on LA REDOUTE, at ANDRE, ERAM, JEFF and TEXTO.

The boots

The flat sequins boots are again out and super fashion trends in autumn 2018 because they will keep you warm, protect you from the rain and give you a little childish side. You can find them everywhere in the shoe stores near you so think to take a look.

The sneakers

Sequins sneakers are also fashion trends this fall and you will enjoy wearing them with jeans. Always have a pair of basket at home because putting heels every day is very bad for the back. That’s why you need a pair of sequined sneakers for this fall!

Leather, fashion trend of autumn

Leather is the essential material trend of the autumn because it is very warm and it is a very good windbreaker perfect for storms in autumn!

The leather blazer

It’s not just men on motorbikes who can wear the leather blazer, you can too ladies! Very nice to wear when it is neither too hot, nor too cold as is the case in autumn, the leather blazer is doing very well with a little sweater underneath to be covered a minimum. You will find on from 160 euros but also on ZALANDO from 100 euros. It’s expensive, but if you want to wear real leather to keep you warm, that’s what you need!

Skirts in imitation leather

The faux leather skirts are also very trendy and fashionable this fall. You will find at ZARA, PIMKIE and PRIMARK at very reasonable prices and we advise you to wear them with a nice yellow sweater to enter in to mark your size. Add high boots or socks to your style for a chic touch and you’re ready!

Suede or leather high boots

In autumn, you will love wearing these high boots to the thighs trendy this fall because they will keep you warm and will be super nice with a skater skirt, a sweater dress or slim jeans! We recommend black, because it’s the color that goes with everything but it’s up to you to see what you prefer.

Dear Fuzzy, we hope that our article on fall fashion trends will please you and give you ideas!

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