French secondhand fashion market

The thrift stores, the resale on consignment and the “shop my closet” party (even online) are places or even stores that put on sale clothes already used, because of having already been worn their prices fall naturally enormously. There is real enthusiasm for these second-hand sales.

For what reason to buy in thrift shop, pawnshop and empty-dressing?

There are many reasons that can be cumulative! Of course the main interest is to buy at a low price, to find pieces that are no longer created and to fight against consumerism.

  • Firstly you can strike the idea that the clothes and accessories presented are out of date or in poor condition. Compared to the condition, the shops are vigilant, they can refuse the piece or accept it if the defect can not repel some buyers. The defect will then be reported: stain on the lining, zipper that does not work … It will be up to you to see if it bothers you or not, knowing that the price will be even lower. Compared to the old-fashioned, sometimes it’s just a matter of taste!
  • Secondly you will find small prices all year long! No need to wait until January or July the famous sales to have fun, considering the principle good deals and low prices are the absolute principle of these sales.
  • Thirdly you will be able to find clothes or accessories that you cannot find anymore in shops. When the collections are gone and even basic pieces are not reissued, like the taupe color sweater from The Kooples of a few years ago that slip through your fingers, the search in thrift stores, consignment or “shop my closet” party are your only hope!
  • Fourthly by buying a worn product, you give a second life to this garment / accessory instead of buying a new one just out of the factory. By this gesture you fight effectively on your scale against the consumer society. With more and more pieces coming out, more must-have, more micro-trends, capsule collections, clothes and accessories are created and purchased by millions and discarded after a few uses. With purchases in thrift store, warehouse and garage dressing, you stop the mess, you develop a virtuous loop by offering several lives to clothes and accessories.
  • Finally (and it will convince more than one!) you do not need to go out of the sofa because this market is so flourishing that the internet has also seized. Check out sites (with parts of famous brands sometimes barely used for very nice prices) and, you will not be disappointed!

What is the difference between thrift shop, consignment and “shop my closet” party?

The thrift store is a store that sells parts from several sources: buy-back unsold shop, private donations … What is also very nice is that some thrift stores make their contributions to humanitarian projects by the profits of sales.
consignment is a store that, with a commission (usually 50%), takes into storage clothing and accessories of individuals. Once the piece is sold, the person who has deposited his property earns money, just like the shop. There are consignment shops that have specialized in luxury and only take up luxury and luxury brands.
The “shop my closet” party, although being very flourishing in the world of the second hand is a little different from previous sales. The type of sale is mostly punctual: often a day or a weekend, like a party ! It is organized in one place and often in multi-vendor stands. It is mostly individuals who are at the origin or a company / association.

A thrift shop near you in France ?

“The Leopard”: thrift shop in Strasbourg

8 rue des Veaux in Strasbourg, open Monday to Saturday from 10h to 19h.

She is in the city center and the clothes come solely from donations.
Prices start at 1 euro for a scarf, LEVI’S jeans at only 10 euros, leather jackets at 25 euros and sometimes there are discounts for several purchases.

“Free’p’star”: thrift shop in Paris

⁃ 61 rue de la Verrerie: open 7 days a week from 11h to 20h30
⁃ 52 rue de la Verrerie: open 7 days a week from 11h to 20h30
⁃ 20 rue de Rivoli: open 7 days a week from 10h to 21h
In fact it is a well-known thrift store that had to open new addresses to meet the increased demand! They are also within minutes of each other.

“Be bop & Lula”: thrift shop in Lille

2 rue Nicolas Leblanc, open from Wednesday to Saturday from 10h to 19h.

Attention it presents an original concept: thrift shop apartment! It’s a real showroom in the apartment of Rodrigue Lecomte, founder of this Lille thrift shop.

“Vintage look”: thrift shop in Lyon

8 quai de Bondy in Lyon, open from Wednesday to Saturday from 12h to 19h.

And this thrift shop is also well known online, do not hesitate to enjoy it from a distance!

“Humana”: thrift shop in Marseille

105 rue de Lodi.

The profits from the shop help finance humanitarian development projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“Vintage paradise”: thrift store in Bordeaux

3 rue Tustal, open Monday from 14h to 19h and Tuesday to Saturday from 11h to 19h

Have a look at the instagram account of vintage_paradise_bdx thrift store to give you an idea of what to find!

There is the video corresponding to this article :

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