“Golden Oasis” design inspiration

Here is a trend of interior decoration chic and zen: Golden Oasis! This article will give you some ideas for a decorative inspiration “golden oasis”: ie a mix of green plants, warm colors, exotic animals and of course gold! After a rough day in the urban jungle, admit that you would appreciate to find calm in your peaceful golden oasis!

This is the trend for you if you are looking for a friendly, elegant, clean and original style. Do not hesitate to transform your interior into a golden oasis.
Especially since this decorative inspiration “golden oasis” is available on all parts of your home sweet home: bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom … Everything is possible.

Here is the “recipe” for this decorative inspiration: golden oasis! You need as ingredients:

  • warm colors: white, greige, sand, beige, light taupe, cream, in short the colors of the desert! These warm and bright shades will give a lot of light to your interior.


  • golden: Whether a touch of paint on a white ceramic vase or metal on a lamp stand or cutlery. Or with painted glass animals in statues and other decorative objects and even small touches on the fabrics.

Suspension 249 €: Maisons du Monde
Bowl 20 cm “stockholm” 14.95 €: Ikea
Cactus lamp 34.99 €: Maisons du Monde
Brass box of 20cm 19.99 €: Bouchara

oasis doree

  • materials and patterns from all around the world: for a decorative inspiration “golden oasis”, think of African / Aztec motifs on sets of tables, tablecloths, cushions, plaids and for the materials think about straw, sand on a painting or in a jar!

Two-tone straw basket 30cm 18.99 €: Bouchara
Cushion 50x50cm 39.99 €: Maisons du Monde
11cm gold fabric basket 3.99 €: Maisons du Monde

décoration coussin corbeille dorée

  • Wild animals: like zebra, crocodile, monkey, panther, whether in statues or printing on the table, cushions …
    Like this beautiful zebra printed metallic leather rug 200x160cm 429 € at Zara Home, that we have seen at one time or another in their shop or on their site! It is really beautiful, the photo does not make the iridescent aspect that brings so much light.

zara tapis zebre argent

  • exotic plants and fruits: necessarily in a “golden oasis” design inspiration, you need lush vegetation, with palm trees, pineapples, green statues, white and / or gold or paintings, printing on fabrics and if you You want to go for a real palm tree or cactus in your entry and / or your living room.

56 cm pineapple lantern 44.99 €: Maisons du Monde
Candle holder 8cm “stabbig” 2.50 €: Ikea
“Sjalsligt” cactus trio 14.95 €: Ikea
Ceramic urchin jewelry box 9.99 €: Maisons du Monde

déco ananas cactus doré

“Et voilà”, dear Fuzzy, your “golden oasis” design inspiration, a future illuminated interior, which shines elegance, but also zen and exoticism …

Discover the video corresponding to this article :

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