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What is it for you to be a photographer?

Being a photographer is obviously capturing moments of life and restoring them through images by sublimating them. But it is also to share these moments with people by putting my passion, my good humor and my dynamism at their service.

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What do you like about this job?

Passionate about photography since my childhood, it is quite natural that my studies have been directed in this field. I was trained at the John Kaverdash Academy in Milan where I graduated as a professional photographer.
What I like most about this job is the contact I can have with the people I meet and especially the unique moments shared together.

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What are your inspirations in everyday life?

The diversity of my experiences has forged my professionalism. Working wedding photography, fashion photography as well as professional photography for hotels or advertising in cities like Paris, New York, Milan, many others have allowed me to be very versatile and my sources of inspiration everyday are renewed every day.

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What are your favorite famous photographers? Why ?

First Sieff because he represents fashion, Doisneau for reporting and Kirkland obviously for sensuality.
I regularly refer to their respective works because, although belonging to the last century, they are still current and adaptable to many shootings such as weddings …

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Can you work anywhere in France?

I work mainly in Strasbourg and surroundings. I can also move everywhere in France and elsewhere. I also have a mobile studio, which also allows me to shoot photos at home.

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Do you have a quote that you would like to share?

Every emotion is worth a photo !!!!

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